About Antiques : About Antique Writing Desks

So you’re looking for an antique writing desk
and you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for. My name is Blake Kennedy and I’m here
at Patty and Friends Antique Mall in Saint Petersburg. Buying an antique writing desk
– you can be buying it for many reasons. Some reasons people buy it is they just need
the look of an antique writing desk. Some people actually use it quite often to pay
their bills. Make sure you know the reason why you’re buying an antique desk. The prices
can vary from if it’s made out of oak, made out of mahogany, walnut, they vary, the writing
desk varies so you got to kind of match up with what’s already in your house. You first
of all want to measure up the space that you’re going to be putting in it and look around
to see what type of furniture is already in that particular room. Because there is antique
ladies writing desk that have a slant front, the fall front, falls down, and there’s also
a nice small oak one that you could buy that just has a single drawer. The antique writing
desk generally just have one drawer just to keep the pens and the envelopes cause you
basically just – you’re writing your letters and mailing them off right then. It’s not
really considered a storage drawer where there is seven to nine drawers in it. The antique
writing desk is generally a smaller desk with one drawer. So when you’re looking for that
antique writing desk and you find that one that you’ve been looking for, don’t hesitate
in buying it because it’s not like they’re making all kinds of antique writing desks
because chances are it’s going to sell. So pick up the writing desk if it’s the one for
you, and enjoy it because you’ll use it a lot. My name is Blake Kennedy. I hope that

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