Act Your Age? Meet Lucy, the 60 Year Old Who Started Dancing at 49!

I love talking about sex because I was raised
catholic So it was kind of something like a rebellious
thing to do but Then my husband always says that I only bark,
not bite But do you blow? Hi, I’m Lucy Junus I live in San Francisco and I’m 60 years old And I’m an interior designer Technically I learned how to dance when I
was 49 years old And I thought, ok, maybe before I turn 50
I’d like to learn how to dance I took ballet at 49
And get home and just like ‘I don’t think I can do this any more’
I just like soak my whole body with epson salt
And it just like ‘aah’ But I keep on going back and then
Finally it gets easier and easier So I keep on telling people,
It’s never to late to learn anything. Three crazy classes at 49 years old And then, never look back. What’s the secret to your youthful essence
and spirit? I think you should open yourself up to meet And not afraid to meet with so many different people, different ages,
Different colors, I think you learn so much from them. Try not to worry too much,
If you can. If you were to look back, do you have any
regrets? I think regret, to me, is a negative thing. There’s no such thing as regret in life There’s no regrets or mistake. I think it should be taken
As a learning experience Do you have something else that you want to
take up in this decade? I thought I was going to try to take sewing
also Sadly, I only made one kimono and that’s
about it Tell me about your relationship with work It used to be everything is all about work work work work Even upto my 50s because I always considered My name, my work as my identity
So it took a long time to accept the fact that, Ok, actually, it doesn’t have to work that way, Because for me, it’s always associated with financial security also. But now the older I get I think I have passed that
And I accept the fact that I should actually, It’s ok to enjoy my life. What would you say to a generation or even
two generations below you Who are really worried whether its climate
change, or fascism, All those things that are coming around,
What would you say to them? Well I don’t have children but I hang out
with a lot of young people Especially my own family and I always try
to push them to vote Especially my sisters because it’s really
important It doesn’t matter if they have different
political points of view from me but They have to vote.

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