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From SwissWatchExpo… Spotlight On: Adam Levine. And his marvelous vintage Rolex collection. Singer and Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine may
be all about The Voice these days, but the wrist is also worth looking at. Like his personal style, Adam’s watch collection
strikes a balance between classic and one-of-a-kind. He may have a relatively small collection
compared to other celebrities, but he sure chooses well, with some very rare and expensive
holy grail vintage Rolex pieces. From Rolex Daytona Paul Newmans, to candy
colored Day-Date Stella dials, Adam Levine’s watch collection is full of pieces every Rolex
fan will enjoy. Let’s take a look! Let’s start with his favorite – the Rolex
Cosmograph Daytona. Now, many celebrities wear the Daytona, but
Adam has a solid Paul Newman dial collection. He has not one, but four models. First is this steel version Paul Newman 6263
from the late 1960s. The watch has a white dial and black subdial,
making it a classic Panda dial. n this photo, he’s wearing another Panda
dial watch, this time fitted with a brown leather strap. He also has the Daytona 6263 in a reverse
Panda dial, with a black dial and white subdials. And last but not the least of his Paul Newmans
is a 14k yellow gold reference 6264, which was only produced for one year. What makes it special is its black and yellow
gold dial, and a top left dial marked 15, 30, 45 and 60 – instead of the usual 20,
40, 60. Now we get to his other favorite Rolex model,
the Rolex President Day-Date. He favors the colorful lacquered dial models
from the 1970s, which have become known as ’Stella Dials’. First up is the platinum calendar Day-Date
reference 1804. It comes with a blue lacquered Stella dial,
and diamond-set hour markers. The harmonious combination of diamonds and
platinum works well with the bright blue dial. This watch is dated back to 1977. He also has a pink stella dial reference 1803. The attractive, 18k yellow gold watch has
an automatic movement and is dated back to 1983. Pink stella dials are some of the most rare,
so this particular model is highly valued. Adam truly can’t get enough of the Stella
as he also has one in a bright, leafy green color, also in reference 1803. The green really pops against the yellow case! It’s dated back to year 1980. He also has other legendary Rolex watches,
such as the Rolex Explorer II reference 1655. The first ever model of the Explorer II, this
one comes with the famed, orange 24-hour hand, which helps adventurers tell daytime and nighttime
apart. A Rolex Submariner won’t be missing in his
collection of course – and he has one of the coolest models. Look closely and you’ll notice that the
reference 6538 or ’Big Crown’ comes with no crown guards. The Rolex GMT Master reference 16718 completes
his collection. The yellow gold, black dial GMT Master comes
with a Jubilee bracelet, which makes it quintessentially vintage. Clearly, Adam is not just a watch collector
– but also someone who appreciates and understands the brand’s history. Which of his watches is your favorite? Tell us in the comments section.

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