Advanced Pottery Techniques : Glazes for Pottery

DAVID GIBSON: Here are some different glaze
examples of the pieces we have in pottery. You can see how the glazes change over the
different clay bodies themselves. We have a white clay, our throwing clay, a sculpture
clay and then two different slips, our black slip and white slip with the Rutile gold over
the top of it. There are lots of other surfaces here with different glazes; different results
to highlight whatever kind of design that you put onto your piece. Here, I have two
of the finished platters that I’ve made. This is a black glaze that I’ve put on here and
here’s another platter with the shino glaze on top of it where we’re highlighting that
spiral that we put in our pot earlier. So there’s all different kinds of surfaces, all
different kinds of glazes to put on there.

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