Advent Calendar – Day 16 – Vintage VW Bus and Magic Hobo Santa!

Hey everybody! Looks like I’m cancelling the advent calendar
ahead of schedule. I looked over my channel analytics for the
last 15 days, and it isn’t good. I’ve lost 12 subscribers since I’ve started
uploading these advent calendar videos. …and I usually gain a few subscribers a
day even when I have no new videos. Basically, I feel that this calendar idea
is hurting my channel. I do appreciate those of you who have stuck
around for the last 15 days, and have liked and commented on these videos. I also didn’t realize when I started that
it would be like 6 hours or more of editing each
and every day. I’m surprised I lasted this long, but I think
burnout is starting to catch up with me. At any rate, to make it up to my loyal viewers,
I will finish the VW model and have a video for Christmas Day that will have an
actual watch review in it as well. Anyhow, sorry everyone, and thank you for
understanding Happy Hollidays!

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