Advent Calendar – Day 3 – Vintage VW Bus and Magic Hobo Santa!

Ho Ho Ho! Hey everybody! Welcome to Advent Calendar Day 3. Lets just get right into it. Today I’m wearing a vintage Vostok “Desert
Shield” Amphibia. Great watch I’ve had for a some time, this one
I’ll definately do a video for in the future. Today’s coffee is Costa Rica Tirrazu coffee. According to the box:
This coffee begins with a clean crisp flavor with snappy acidity, and closes with a sweet
and tantalizing smooth flavor. ….ok…. Let’s just brew this thing…Two hours later… So…. yeah… I’ve had Costa Rican Tirrazu coffee before,
it’s not bad. Alright, time for Divine chocolate. Todays trivia: Otters hold hands when they
fall asleep. Facinating… Yet another vaguely animal shaped lump of
dark chocolate. Meh… as expected… it’s just average. I still think it’s poop!! Shut up about poo you filthy hobo, you’re
scaring my viewers! Anyhow… Let’s find the box for day 3! Today it looks like I got an entire axle including wheels and tires! So here’s my little pile of parts so far. Alright! Let’s get this out onto a tray! Nice! Yeah, that’s it for today… Like, comment, subscribe…. whatever… BYE!

3 Replies to “Advent Calendar – Day 3 – Vintage VW Bus and Magic Hobo Santa!”

  1. How can you wait for the VW to be built I would have done all the days to get the parts in one go, great restraint my friend,

  2. haha nice steve1989 reference, you absolute madman, all it's missing is for you to say "This is the worst thing I've ever tasted." then take another 3 bites.

    Nice boctok btw, all the variations makes them super tempting to hoard – mine is a silver sunburst with the KGB insignia. Cool as hell, and nobody's given me weird looks about it yet.

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