Advent Calendar – Day 4 – Vintage VW Bus and Magic Hobo Santa!

Ho Ho Ho! Hey everybody! Welcome to Advent Calendar Day 4. Lets just get started! Today I’m wearing that pile of Seiko parts that I had modded a few weeks back. It turned out really nice with this luminescent wave pattern on the dial! You’ll see it when I do the full review after the holidays! Today’s coffee is Ethiopian Harrar coffee. Unfortunately, I don’t really care much for coffee from Africa. THAT’S RACIST!! Well, it’s true… [DAMN IT! NOT AGAIN!] Phuq! According to the box:
A medium body, earthy, but slightly fruity flavor, light acidity, but wonderful smoothness. 5 Minutes later… As expected, I hate it… I dislike any sort of earthy coffee flavor…
no thanks! Alright, time for Divine chocolate. Todays trivia: There are over 40000 spider
species worldwide. Fascinating… …and yeah, it’s more average dark chocolate. And don’t even think about saying anything
about poo you disgusting hobo. Fine! (It’s still poo tho…) What was that? Nothing… Moving on…. Let’s find the box for day 4… Today it looks like I got a set of rubber
feet, probably for the base. Great content as usual. So like, comment, and subscribe…. ….or I’ll have magic hobo santa stop by
your house during Christmas and he’ll make sure to leave a poo under your tree… Buh-Bye!

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  1. I’m a millennial, but I actually never saw those capsule style coffee things until I got into the workforce. I always just had a cup of Nescafé instant with my bowl of weet-bix 😉

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