Age-old Cats Vs. Dogs Battle Featured at the Zimmerli Museum

Cats and dogs teach us lessons about
life, and I think their stories are timeless. One of the great treasures here
at the Museum is the collection of original illustrations for children’s
literature. I went into our storage rooms, I began looking through all the
portfolio boxes and I started seeing these wonderful illustrations. So I came
up with this idea of an exhibition “Cats vs. Dogs.” One of my favorites is the
illustrations by Duvoisin, for flash of Washington Square, which tells the story
of a cocker spaniel that lives in New York City. I was so taken with the
illustrations I decided to have a piece of wallpaper made based on one of the
designs that now greets visitors when they come to the exhibition. These
illustrations show the craft of how these artists actually create these
works, and I think these appeal to audiences of all ages whether it’s
children who are first reading these stories or adults who are remembering
them from their own childhood. Cats and dogs are such important parts of
people’s everyday lives. Whether it’s a kitten who’s being brave and venturing
outdoors for the first time, whether it’s a puppy who’s protecting its owner.
Whether it’s a family and the patients they have to have welcoming a new pet
into their home, I think these are lessons that are important for all of us.
We do have a voting station where people can cast a ballot and declare if they’re
a cat person or a dog person that’s been very popular. Dogs are currently winning
so I would encourage all the cat people to come and have a visit.

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