Aladdin – Ep 311 – Full Episode – 24th October, 2019

H-How dare you get your
hands on me? If you hadn’t shown up I’d have killed
your friend Zafar and avenged my father and love. How did you get there? I see.
I realise everything now. You must have
found out that I’m going to punish
your despicable friend. And I have found out
the truth that’s the reason
you were following me. I have got to know everything. My father would always say that the ones who support
criminals are no better. I see you as a criminal hence I will punish
you also today. Because of people like you wretched men like Zafar
think that they are great. They devise wicked plans
and ruin lives. I should have kicked you out
from here much earlier. Neither you
nor that reprobate, Zafar deserves to live. I won’t spare you! Run! Run as much as you can and as far as you can. Even if you run to the
other end of the world you will not be able
to escape me. ‘Until I find my voice back’ ‘I cannot tell the truth
to the Princess.’ ‘What do I do?’ ‘Come what may, Ali.’ ‘I will certainly kill you
today.’ “Oh, my dear..” “Tigers like to eat deer” “and I, a bowl of dessert
with cheer!” “Phirni.. My favourite dessert,
Phirni!” I swear upon gold coins. This ‘Phirni’ is not meant
for beggars like you. Then is it for wretched people
like you? What did you say?
– Nothing! Who is it for? This ‘Phirni’ is exclusively for Minister Zafar’s indulgence. He is a rich man, he owns
everything. What does
a poor man like me have? Only the hope of some ‘Phirni’. Do not deprive me
of this mere ray of hope oh ruthless one! I swear upon gold coins stop this stupidity. If we must impress the minister we will have to carry
a gift for him. What could be better
than some ‘Phirni’ made by my magical hands? Wretch! Devil! Disposed imbecile,
worthless.. – What? What did you say?
– What did I say? Well, I meant, the Minister.
Who else? Now look. You are trying to work
so hard to impress him and it makes absolutely
no difference to him! It will make a difference
very soon. We have gotten rid of the minister’s close aide, Ali. In order to live in peace he will need someone to
take that place. And then I will step up
to the place of the minister’s trusted aide. Wait and watch what I do. This will fulfil his requirement as well as my desire. That is why, I am carrying this ‘Phirni’ as a token
of the association that is about to begin. But the minister is not
in his chamber. I know exactly
where to find the minister at the moment. Then go! Take the ‘Phirni’
and go out of my sight! I cannot bear to see
the bowl of ‘Phirni’ being emptied out at the hands of the minister. I cannot.. She took it away! If I could not have it,
I pray to God that no one else can have it
either. These are my handcuffs. They will be unlocked
only if I want not with this. Hiblish.. Hiblish.. Hiblish. “Oh, compass” “do not make me
wait anymore.” “Tell me where
the Devil Hiblish is.” Tell me.
Tell me quickly. W-Where has the pointer
of the compass gone? N-No, Master,
but it happened. The pointer of the compass
disappeared. Master, is it possible
that the pointer disappeared because the Devil Hiblish
went missing? No. This is not possible! Where has the pointer gone! What shall I do now? We cannot do anything now. We have to wait
for tomorrow’s sunrise. I do not wait, Genie. I do not wait,
I do what I want! I will snatch that key
from the Devil Hiblish! I will definitely snatch it! Right now! Prime Minister.. Prime Minister.. I hate people like you who destroy the lives
of innocent people like Aladdin and my father because of their greed. I hate you. I do not need a sword
to kill you. my hatred is enough. Yasmine! Aladdin? You must have heard my name. ‘When in love,
don’t fear, silly girl.’ ‘Since destiny has brought you
to me’ ‘there is nothing
but joy in my life.’ ‘When you are with me,
I feel lucky.’ ‘I’m Ali, not Aladdin.’ ‘I hate that face.’ ‘This face,
that saved your life?’ ‘Does this face remind you’ ‘of the person you love?’ ‘You are so desperate
to meet me.’ ‘Who are you?’ ‘My name is Ali,
a trader by profession.’ ‘I am a magician of style.’ ‘Lived in Ankara
but am in Baghdad now.’ ‘I will live in your heart.
Will you be my friend?’ “This begun happening.” “Our eyes..” “Our eyes..” “begun to meet.” I swear on gold coins, Minister.
I’ve brought you ‘Phirni’. But this isn’t ordinary
‘Phirni’. Consider this a sweet
for a new beginning. What’s this drama? What’s wrong, Minister?
You look worried. Tell me what it is.
I am close to you now. ‘Junaid, how can I get close
to the minister? – Yes.’ ‘You’ll have to make
a sacrifice.’ ‘You’ll have to sacrifice
your hair, and you, your hat.’ So, Junaid! ‘I’m done for.
She took me seriously.’ ‘Why did she have to come here
at this time?’ Listen. He’s busy at the moment. He’ll call you when he wants
to meet you. – Be quiet! Minister, I very well know
why you’re worried. It’s because you don’t have
a left hand, right? Not your arm! I mean, your
special friend, Ali. Junaid, get this woman
out of here. Okay.. Minister! Where has she come from? I want her and her bowl
to fall. I swear on gold coins. People eat something sweet
before starting something nice. But my entire face
has turned sweet. I’ll wash my beautiful face
in the bathroom. Allow me. I’ll be right back.
I’ll be back soon. Go away! Idiot! Junaid.
– Yes. Before that lady returns,
let’s go. – Yes.. Forgive me.
I hurt you a lot. I doubted you.
I made you cry. I can never forgive myself,
Masked Thief. But can you forgive me? I can’t promise,
but I will try. Silly girl, strangers apologise.
You are my own. You are my silly girl. Now that you have apologised,
let me apologise to you too. I hid this game from you.
I kept this a secret. Can you forgive me..
– Never. I can’t forgive you.

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