Aladdin – Ep 32 – Full Episode – 3rd October, 2018

Brother-in-law, no..
– No.. Brother-in-law!
– Brother-in-law.. Brother-in-law, no..
– Brother-in-law.. ‘Our brother-in-law will stay
a minister all his life.’ Brother-in-law, no..
– Brother-in-law.. Brother-in-law..
Give us one chance. I am giving you a chance to unite with your dead sister. No.. Brother-in-law, no.. Brother-in-law,
send Badal to her.. No..
– Leave me! If that is what you want,
then so be it. I shall leave you. Pine nuts.. I have a big heart. I give gold coins to beggars. Who the heck are you to talk to me in this manner? What kind of a person are you? That you don’t know Jumman! Meet her, she is Tarannum. She has thrown
this lavish party. It is a pleasure to meet you. I am Princess Yasmine.. S-She is princess. And I am..
Umrao Jaan! Good.. You have a good
sense of humour. Thank you. Princess, what are you doing? It slipped out of my mouth
accidentally, Piddi. But you do not worry. Nobody will recognise me here. What? Listen,
everyone knows me here. Don’t create a fuss here. Oh, my goodness!
Such awesomeness! What an ambience! What a feast! What?
– Before you go crazy.. – Yes? Listen to me carefully.
– Yes? We can’t stop here for long.
– Okay. – Okay? Stay close to me.
– Yes – Got it? My dear, Gulbadan..
So, you are here? ‘Gulbadan..’ Wow, I’m so handsome! My body, my hair, my cheeks. You’re not a guy,
you’re a hotshot! Gulbadan.
– Yes, tell me. How are you, Gulbadan? Witch.. Witch..
Piddi! Piddi, save me.
A witch is following me. May the witch eat you up! You dropped
the soft drink on me! Hey, I shall get you
an ocean of soft drink. Don’t leave me.
– Gulbadan! Gulbadan, you fed me
the potion of truth, right? Now just wait and watch. I shall make you gyrate
in this party and render you good for nothing! ‘With a sleight of my hands’ ‘I do magic.’ ‘Let him eat the dust
of the ladies sandals.’ ‘Through the night,
may Gulbadan dance.’ Sir, have some Laddus. ‘Oh, the magic did not work
on Gulbadan.’ Hey, I am scared to death
and you are giving me Laddus. Get lost, I say! Oh, no, let me try once again. Piddi, stay with me. Gulbadan! It seems Piddi has found
someone special. Get lost!
– Piddi! Piddi.. My sweetmeat,
so what if my magic did not work
on you once. I shall surely make you dance. There is no need to talk
to anyone. Just sit over here quietly and.. Genie.. Oh, God!
Where has he disappeared now? Can’t you see..
– Can’t you see? The black thief, you?
– Copycat thief? How dare you? You called me a beggar! Hey, pine nut!
So much arrogance is not good. Listen up,
teach him a lesson! Why are you blowing things
out of proportions? If you kill me,
then your dear ones will die. End this matter, here itself. That is what I am doing. ‘Emperor Shahnawaz’s
look-alike?’ Emperor Shahnawaz? Don’t you dare! This is my close friend’s house. If you steal here then.. Really? Does your friend know
that the black thief is here? Let it be..
Let the air pass. Stop fighting,
let love blossom. Sheikh Genie, you? Oh, my troublemaker,
you remember me. I like it. That is because
you are so sweet. Otherwise, it is better
to forget some people. That means,
you want to say that my personality
is better than his. Of course, yes.
There is no doubt about it. Your face reflects
your honesty and cheerfulness. Thank you.
– There are others whose faces give away
the fact that they’re thieves. What? Genie.
– Yes? – Come, we have to go. But.. Sheikh Genie,
how can someone take you home without your permission?
Tell me. What to say, ma’am? This happens every day. Why don’t you scold him
some more? Yes. Genie, I said,
let us go home right now. Come on. Hey, is he your servant,
you fool? Whatever he means to me!
How is that your concern? Oh, my! They look so good
with each other. They make such a great couple. But if they unite,
they will kill each other. You are a lizard! You called me a lizard! I shall..
– Sir! – Yes, I shall say again. I shall call you that
a thousand times! Hey, enough.. Stop.. Does anyone fight like this
at someone else’s place? Look,
we have come to a party. Have something sweet.
Speak to each other sweetly. Get rid of your anger. Sir.. Here, have some Laddus. I don’t want it. Have it for my sake. Take it. Yes, that’s more like it. ‘I couldn’t see
Gulbadan’s dance.’ ‘But soon after having
the Laddus’ ‘why have they started dancing?’ ‘Let him eat the dust
of the ladies slippers.’ ‘Through the night,
may Gulbadan dance.’ Oh, my goodness!
I’m tired of this madness! I think, the magic
has gone wrong again. Instead of Gulbadan,
the magic effected the Laddus. And they ate the Laddus,
what will happen now? Ms. Troublemaker and Aladdin,
you must have heard the name.. They shall not stop now.
They will keep on dancing. Sire, I am an artist. Your wretched face! I won this medal for the play,
‘Your Wretched Face.’ Do you know who I am? ‘The donkey of Baghdad’,
it was a famous play of mine. I have never been to Baghdad but I composed a
play for Baghdad. I remember each
and every dialogue of that play. ‘My beloved eloped
with my donkey.’ ‘My heart still brays for her.’ Do you have any relative
or a friend in Baghdad? Forget Baghdad, I have no one
in the entire world. I have never been to Baghdad. What happened to your eye? One of my eyes
is made out of stone. Do you have a twin brother? A person like me
cannot have a twin brother. But you are asking me
too many questions. How are you planning
to take advantage of me? I shall change the course
of your destiny. I did not understand. You will have to act in a play for me in Baghdad. What would be the name
of the play? ‘The fake emperor’. ‘The fake emperor’. I shall take 10 coins
for one play. Why are you taking out
your dagger? What if you get 10,000 coins
instead of ten? 10,000 coins? At least, tell me now,
who are you? ‘They should only dance
after eating those Laddus.’ ‘They should not fight.’ ‘I must do something.’ ‘Otherwise, they will end up
killing each other.’ If the music stops,
they will stop dancing. ‘With the sleight of my hands,
I do magic.’ ‘The bomb will drop.
The music will stop.’ The magic had the
opposite effect. Oh, my goodness!
I’m tired of this madness! You cannot be like me,
and hence this black magic. I know that you are behind
all this. That is why
my eyesight is blurry and I can’t stop my feet. Oh, my goodness!
I’m tired of this madness! Now that they have
stopped fighting they are continuing to dance. If this goes on,
they shall fall unconscious. Yes, I shall mute their voices. ‘With the sleight of my hands,
I do magic.’ ‘May the musicians go home
or their music should stop.’ What is this?
I asked to mute their voices. But the ambience
seems to have changed. Takla Chaman,
Mr. Mucchad’s success is our success as well. We must transform his defeat
into victory, somehow. We have to kill the emperor
for Mucchad. Those who turn against me
are sentenced to death! Y-Your Majesty, you? Forgive us, Your Majesty. But sire,
you have misunderstood us. Do you think that I am a fool? The people of Baghdad
will witness the punishment that is meted out
to the traitors in my kingdom. Both of you are
sentenced to death! Mercy, my Lord..
Do not do this to us, my Lord. Yes.
– Have mercy on us, my Lord. Have mercy.
– Have mercy on us. Stop, Your Majesty. Kindly reconsider your decision. Your Majesty,
I did not say anything. Quiet, I do not want
to hear a word. Both of you shall be punished. Your wish is my command,
Your Majesty. But your head
should be here at my feet. Zafar, stay in your limits! You know who you
are talking to! Before bowing my head
to your feet let me wipe your shoes clean. Pine nuts.. H-How can this be possible? Anything can happen
in my kingdom. You got fooled, right? The same way,
the citizens of Baghdad will also be fooled upon seeing the lookalike
of the emperor of Baghdad. A lookalike? I shall make this emperor’s
lookalike, Jumman, occupy the throne of Baghdad. And then, I shall rule the kingdom of Baghdad. I shall make the princess of Baghdad, Princess Yasmine my wife and I shall catch
the black thief and acquire the magic lamp. And then.. Even the emperor himself
won’t be able to stop me. Yes!

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