Aladdin – Ep 339 – Full Episode – 3rd December 2019

Does that mean it does not matter to her
that I am a being Genie? Not at all. If she knew that the Junaid whom
she often meets at the palace is actually Ginu
she would be delighted! Master.. Aladdin, since I cannot
address you as master so, I think someone is calling
you master to tease me. Hey.. Brother.. We came here
as soon as we got your message. What happened?
– What happened, Master? What is it, Master? Tell us.
– Do tell us, Master. Tell us.
– This is why! Mother.
– Master. He is..
– Genie. Team, Genie is back! Okay, stop.. You all are rejoicing
as if it is a festival. Oh, my friend. This is much more special
than a festival. Jhumru, you are a very
good servant. You have taken good care
of my friend. Thank you! ‘If you can save’ ‘these relationships from me,
then go ahead.’ Genie of the ring! It is the Genie of the Ring! This is definitely Zafar’s plan. I will destroy his master later,
I will destroy him first. Genie of the Ring,
I will chop you like vegetables! Ginu.. I mean, please do not
harm the Genie of the Ring. He is now on our side. He is changed. He is no longer with Zafar. He is with all of us. In fact, he even helped me
bring you back. You look even more adorable
when you are in a huff. But your anger is valid. I have committed many sins. I was the one who committed the sin
of separating you from master and his mother
along with Zafar. I do not know
how to apologise. You have but one mouth. Apologise using that. Now that you are back,
I am really happy. You are absolutely right. It is a festival. Festival of hearts. I thank God with all heart for having reunited me
with both my friends. Lady Sara. What happened? Nothing..
Go on.. My beloved..
I mean, Sara.. Till date I have hidden this
truth from you hence.. I apologise, please forgive me. Only on one condition.
– What? If you forgive me. But..
For what should I forgive you? You both are Genies? Gulbadan, you?
– No! I am a human, not a genie. It is strange! People have only heard about
genies here. You have not one,
but four genies. It is amazing!
You are a genie, I am a genie we all are genies. Seeing you, I am amazed! I mean, Ms. Sara.. In all this, I forgot to ask where is the sweet trouble? Princess, I have kept the box of letters on the roof and I have kept food for
the people. Now shall I leave? If you have kept the food does that complete your
responsibility? What do you mean? I mean, you are not the guest
here, you are the host. So until the guests finish
their meal the host’s responsibility
is not completed. Now will I serve these beggars? What did you say? Stop this talk and go and
serve the food. This is the best opportunity
to earn their blessings. Go ahead and serve the food.
– Yes, that’s a good thought. Go ahead. If I lose sight of him this rascal will surely
try to go out. I will have to stay here. Please have this. ‘Stuff yourselves, you beggars!
Stuff yourselves.’ ‘This is your last meal.’ ‘Because even though I have
not reached the Son Minar’ ‘but my Genie
has reached there.’ ‘Very soon you will see that
all these prayers and songs’ ‘will not save you
from my terror.’ ‘I am unable to talk to anyone.’ ‘I wonder why he has called
everyone to his old house.’ ‘Has something gone wrong?’ ‘Did Genie reach the Minar?’ ‘I cannot wait any longer.’ I do not see the princess. The second door
of Raaz-e-Kainat.. I am coming. Aladdin.. Genie.. Sweet trouble.. I am so happy to see you..
So happy to see you.. She cannot express
how happy she is. Am I right, Princess? We all feel the same way. I have found everything
I could ever ask for. And all of you deserve
the credit. My team, Gulbadan. I have only found Ginu today but my good time started when I had found all of you. I know that you all will
not allow me to say ‘thank you’. But I must say that all of you are my courage,
my strength and my family. Without all of you I could have done nothing. Aladdin! The only one missing
from this moment is my mother. Of course!
Is that all? Then let us go to Lady Ruksaar and tell her that you are alive
and innocent. And I..
I am back. No, Ginu.
– Why? ‘Both your mother
and your love interest’ ‘are now under my control.’ ‘Now, if you wish,
you could save both.’ ‘Leave Baghdad immediately.’ ‘I swear, I will set them free.’ ‘Mother!’ ‘I will leave the city
immediately and forever.’ ‘But you shall bring the both
of them to no harm whatsoever.’ ‘I promise,
I shall never return.’ If we try to tell her the truth it could pose a threat
to mother’s life as well as Yasmine’s life. Then.. You are afraid of
that scoundrel, Zafar? He is nothing before my powers. I will finish him before
he can as much as go near you mother. How will you do that, my friend? Ginu, you are still his slave
and he is your master. He still owns your lamp. You must obey him. You mean, I cannot tell
Lady Ruksaar that I am back? I cannot embrace her lovingly and tell her
that I am not Junaid but Ginu, who is like her son? You can, albeit after
a few days. Not right now. Ginu. Even I have not
told her anything yet. Please be patient. We are very close to achieving
our motive. I have Yasmine and my team and now, I also have you. All I need is the lamp
and then I can defeat Zafar. And then the both of us can embrace mother
for all we want! Not until then, my friend. All right? All right. There is a minor hitch. Mother is fasting for us and the prayers are over now. I am pretty sure that mother
must be remembering us and she must not have
ended her fast yet. Is that all? If Lady Ruksaar
is fasting for both of us then we shall help end her fast. Silence is not my forte,
for I must speak. None can match up
to my shrieks. I have been trapped in a bottle
until now. But now, I will silence
everyone. Humans would often trouble me. Now, I shall trouble them. They have used me for their
vengeful purposes. Now, I shall avenge the wrongs
they have done to me. Up, up, up and away! This silence is eerie. I am bored
of hearing myself shriek. Now, I want to hear
these humans scream. All that glitters must be gold. My shrieks are my strength and gold..
Gold is my weakness. Gold! Glittering, shiny gold! Princess. Yes, please come in. Aunt Ruksaar.. Greetings.
– Greetings. Princess, did you send for me? Lady Ruksaar, I am in a fix and only you can help me. Please tell me. It is the minister’s brother,
Junaid. He has been fasting. Now the moon has risen
and the prayers are over but he is refusing
to end his fast. Why so? That is because
he misses his mother. He insists that he will
end his fast only with ‘Sheer Khurma’
prepared by his mother. But Princess of what
help could I be in this matter? Well, you could prepare
‘Sheer Khurma’ for him instead of his mother. As you wish, Princess
but how can I equal
someone else’s mother? Because you are a mother. And every mother is a blessing
from God in human form. Aunt, I suggest you prepare the ‘Sheer Khurma’ as if it is meant for your son. And Junaid will have it as if his mother prepared it
for him. All right? If that is the case I shall prepare some

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  2. This episode changed the game, this episode blew my mind, this episode was off da chain. I loved it caaan done. ( yo fi know weh mi mean) boom episode. Loved it sooo much.. Awesome. Thank you for English subtitles. Bless up. Great story line, acting, actors, writers, producers, extras, seceanery, wow.. Love it

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    โ€ขGenie of the ring/Jhumru
    โ€ขChand Changezi/Chacha
    โ€ขGenie Menie/ Sarah
    โ€ขYasmin/Snob/Kali Chorni

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