Aladdin – Ep 358 – Full Episode – 30th December 2019

Where will I find that evil face which will reflect the evil
within me? I am dying to extract
the soul of that evil being. Who is my next target? Show yourself to this mirror. She is too young. This one is no good either. The first victim
of my second attack should be worth his weight. Oh, dear.. I swear on gold coins.
Just once.. Let me find that husband
of mine and Rubina just once. Then I will show them
what stuff I am made of. They call me a witch! I will tell you now
what an evil witch I am. I will rip you apart
and grab your guts out. I will devour you. You do not know who Naazneen
is. Oh, dear.. But I need to find them
first. Excuse me, miss.
– Yes? Have you seen my husband,
Mustafa? No, I haven’t. Witch! But in human form. That sounds good. She will be the first victim
of my second attack. Because this mirror can
change things drastically. What? A mirror? This.. How did this mirror come
into my hands? Oh! I see. The mirror could not resist
my beauty and found its way into my
hands. Oh, dear.. I had seen the mirror flying
somewhere around here. It might have gone that way to the lane where the mosque
is. Let us go. Where could it have gone? Yasmine, I will look that way while you go and check
over there. This house has been locked
up for many days now. Let me check here. Fat lady! Who is this imbecile?
Who is it? I did. Cast your evil gaze straight into mine. You wish to be the prettiest
lady in the whole world, do you not? Oh, you foolish mirror. I do not wish to be
the prettiest. I am the prettiest woman
in this world. Her eyesight is not half
as sturdy as her body. You wish to be the prettiest
lady in the whole world, do you not? Then you need to do me
a small favour in return of it. All right, mirror. I am ready to marry
you. – No! That is not what I meant to say. What I meant to say is that you must willingly give your soul to me. All right. I give you my soul. Aladdin.. I am sure that mirror belongs
to the scoundrel, Zafar. Even if we had to comb
every lane of Baghdad to find him, we will do it. Yes, Yasmine. Jhumru and Chand are
holding Zafar up back at the castle. We can search for the mirror
without any worries. Let us go. It is this mirror
that will take me to Mallika, the sorceress. If it falls into
the wrong hands.. I must find it. But will that actually make
me the prettiest woman
in the whole world? Will my gait be like a
peacock? Will my pace be like a horse and my cheeks, pink as
roses? – Yes! It will be done. But you must give me
your soul. All right.
My soul is now yours! Aladdin, I think I had seen
a face in that mirror. A frightening face
with a long nose? A very strange looking one? You saw it too?
– Yes, I did. I am looking at it. Aladdin! This is no
time for jokes. – Yes, Yasmine. We have to search
for the mirror. You must have made
a mistake, Yasmine. A mirror can only show us a reflection of our own face. It does not have a face
of its own. Yasmine! The mirror! Aladdin, let’s go! That fat lady is the mother
of Chief Gulbadan. I am sure it is the mirror
that turned her thus. Before it does the same
to anyone else I must find it. I must find it.. It takes to time to say so but it takes a lot more
to actually accomplish it. Where this rascal must be? Oh gosh! We were right. This mirror is Zafar’s. I was waiting for you. Not the mirror, we were
waiting for you. Not everyone can
sing a song, rascal. Leave all the songs,
we should follow him. Yasmine.. The mirror looks magical. What if it finds out that we
are following it and Zafar.. But, Aladdin.. – Yasmine, we’ll
have to wait for some time. You are right.
But who does it belong to? And how did that
rascal get it? – I don’t know. But we will have to find out. I’d said that everyone will know
about the mirror.. – I know. You will tell the meaning
of the mirror. So know this that I’ve started already. I have captured a healthy
and sturdy soul. And very soon, every soul in Baghdad will be my slave. Meaning of the mirror. The magical mirror has struck the second time on the whole of Baghdad. In his happiness,
is my happiness, I swear by God! And now it has come back to me. And whether it scratches people or shakes them what difference does that
make to me. If all his wishes are fulfilled
like this it will fulfil my wishes in return. That means, it will show me
the path to reach magician Mallika. Very nice. Whenever Zafar is delighted, some or the other trouble
comes on Baghdad. And today, he had the mirror
in his hand and he was very happy about
it. Oh, God! I wonder what will happen
now. Genie Meanie and Genie, you
both go to that rascal’s room and look for the mirror, till
then I’ll keep a watch here. Yes. The bed is attacked by sleep make me a flower vase. Shall we go? –
Yes. Amazing, sir. You look that side,
I’ll look here. I don’t understand where he
must have kept it. It is not here. Strange.. This rascal tells me everything
about his every move but he didn’t tell me about
this mirror. Why?
– Genie, your doubt is right. But we don’t have any
time now. Shall we discuss this
later? Does he doubt me? And if he doubts me,
there will be a problem. I won’t be able to help
my brother. Ginu! I am not able to
fulfil my responsibilities because of some reason. Why did you say
that looking at me. You said that you are not able
to fulfil your responsibilities looking at me. So, do you
believe that because of me you are not able to fulfil
your responsibilities? Hey, no, Lady Sarah.
What are you saying? That is not what I meant. Listen, Ginu,
tell me clearly whatever you meant by that. Do not beat around the
bush while talking to me. I mean,
do people beat around the bush while talking to others? But neither am I beating
around any bush here and nor am I yelling at you. Then why are you angry at me? Prime Minister,
my father used to say that a bad phase in life is
the best teacher of this world. It will teach us to
understand who our friends are and who are our foes. Late Emperor Shah Nawaz and his sayings! Whenever Baghdad went
through a bad phase I realised that you
really did not care about our kingdom or about
its subjects, Prime Minister. What! – Why? Am I
wrong? – Of course. No. I mean.. Princess, what he means is the allegation you are
making at him is wrong. Whenever Baghdad
was in trouble the Prime Minister has
bravely stood by it. I appreciate, my friend. Actually, Princess,
tell me something. When there was the need
for the magical water who had accompanied
you to bring it? It was me. Actually, we both. Forget about that.
Tell me about this. Who had accompanied you to
Egypt to get the Sun Flame? It was me. But.. But can I ask you
something, Prime Minister? I agree that you
had gone to all those places to get the magical
water and the Sun Flame. But when everyone in Baghdad
was turning into pigeons then why did you not
go to their help? You know what,
Prime Minister? A cloud had turned
even me into a pigeon. What! Thank god that you are fine. I do not know
what to say, Princess. I was so busy trying to find
a solution to this problem that I was completely
unaware of this matter. Never mind, Prime Minister. But you know what?
Let me tell you this. You should have
come flying to me. I would have fed you
with some nice grains. Actually, Princess,
were you aware of this? – Yes. Because I was present there. But where were you? Prime Minister,
where were you when all this
was taking place?

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    Me:You ARE the wrong hands for crying out loud!!
    Your hands have done nothing to benefit Baghdad at all.

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