Aladdin – Ep 360 – Full Episode – 1st January 2020

I do not need neither a donkey,
nor a horse just let him appear here,
whose name is Gullu. Gullu
looks like one of the people whom I saw at the fair. Be careful. What are you doing,
Aladdin? Sir. Gullu. When will we win
and when will he fall? In between,
let there be a magical wall. Genie.
– Genie! – Genie. What is the use of calling
someone who is in trouble? Do something. Sir,
the mirror uses black magic And Genie has transformed
completely into a good person. So, the power of black magic
is affecting him even more. Yes. What are you doing,
Genie Meanie? I am warding away
the evil eyes from Genie, sir. Genie Meanie,
ward away the evil eyes later Control Gulbadan
with your magic first. Yes. Whoever is.. Let the slim eat less, whoever
I like be under my control. Thank you very much
for saving me, sir. I thought I would
lose all my teeth. And if I did lose them,
how would I eat the dry fruits? Genie.. This isn’t
the time to play around. Place him under a spell before
Genie Meanie’s magic fades out. This is how you do it.
Oh, my magic, tie Gullu. I wonder what happened
to poor Gullu. I felt very bad when
I tied him up like this. But what to do?
I know what’s happened to him. Him and the two people whom she saw have turned into zombies. Zombies? What does that mean? Which means,
they do have a body but no soul. They are alive,
but no less than being dead. This disease
spreads rapidly. Do you see
these long nails? Just one attack! Be careful. Genie. He would get
a heart attack. I am sorry. As far as I can remember Till date,
the magician Mallika has turned humans
into zombies just once. What does Zafar
have to do with it? Does it mean
that he’s reached Mallika? No, not yet. He shouldn’t
even reach her as well. Because if
that wicked person reaches
the magician Mallika everything will be over. You are a true puppeteer. That woman was playing
around just like you wanted. But now, the entire Baghdad
will go around like that. Neither left or right The mirror’s might. The mirror’s might. Okay,
now tell me what to do next And what will
happen next? Until tomorrow night my first target would have made
many people her target who will further
my mission. And in the same way Baghdad will turn
into a land of zombies. I will snatch
all of their souls. And then I will present
them to the king of Baltistan. Very good.. The 24 hour’s time
given to the queen is done. By tomorrow without her knowledge her precious country and every
precious citizen of her country will turn into zombies. Very good. Poor public. And poor Gullu. Zafar’s mirror is the
reason for their condition now. You’re right. I just want to.. He’s turning everyone into
zombies and enjoying himself. But I don’t understand If Zafar escaped
so well from this issue who is the controlling
the zombies? Whoever that is will be caught
by me very soon. What if all these zombies are going towards
their controller? My 1500 years
of experience tells me that what Genie
says is of value. Even I think so. Genie, Yasmine, both of you
keep an eye on Zafar. Make sure he doesn’t
leave the palace. Sir and Genie Meanie Gullu is unconscious so both of you
will stay with him. Okay. I’ll go and see where the zombies
are going to. Aladdin. The zombies won’t
spare you if you go like this. You need to
do something. But, what? Sir. Oh, God! Aladdin. My Queen. Sir. Was that storm
sent by Zafar and the mirror? Aladdin. Aladdin,
you can hear us, right? Call someone else. Aladdin.
– Sir.. When all the souls get together completely then queen of Baltistan will call Mallika and she would
have to come. That means I will meet the
magician Mallika tomorrow. How will tonight pass? And tomorrow will be the decisive day. Oh, no! Aladdin! Why are you laughing? You are behind this, right? That’s obvious. ‘Aladdin, if you go like this’ ‘then the undead
won’t spare you.’ ‘You will have to do something.’ ‘What?’ ‘Flip it upside down. Bring
the cyclone, change it all.’ ‘let the wind of change come.’ That means,
you both plotted this. No, not a plot.
This was just a joke. Wow, Genie.
You thought of a great idea. Wow, Genie. Now by mixing with the undead he can reach to their master. All of you remember
your responsibilities, right? We will meet after sometime. Aladdin, take care of yourself. You as well and take care of mom as well. Don’t let her leave the kingdom. Princess, I have to keep
an eye on Zafar, right? I have a trick for the same. Come, I will tell you. I am the handkerchief
and you.. I mean, Sara..
– Yeah. Kindly, allow us to leave. Chand Changezi, I don’t know
what will happen ahead. No one has ever got
or known anything before time. Now, we can do
just a single thing. We can sit and wait
for Gulbadan to be fine and pray as well. Princess, Sara and I have
already searched his room. The stuff to colour the hair a paste to remove wrinkles and there were many books
on how to trouble people. There were many waste objects but the mirror wasn’t there. Genie, it’s possible that he
carries it along with him. I thought of the same. Princess, he’s inside. I will try to make him
sleep via my magic. I believe that till now my first target would have done the work. But humans are lazy
and careless. I will go and find out. Let’s go. I will also tag along. Save your doubts for the stupid people that surround you. Once entire Baghdad gets populated with the undead then you will see my power because this mirror will change everything. As soon as the mirror’s
wishes comes true the faster,
he will take me to my motive that is, take me
to the magician Mallika. Looks like, I won’t have to wait much longer. Outstanding. The undead? Yeah, I heard about it that something’s happening
in Baghdad. Yeah. Who else can get such terror
in Baghdad except you? Am I right? Or is there someone
else behind it? ‘Stop smiling
and say something!’ By the way,
you haven’t talked about Magician Mallika
for quite some time. I will.. What’s the hurry? What are you doing, master? When I’m there,
you don’t have to do this. No, you sit.
I will prepare it for you. Such magic should happen
that he goes insane. A person who drinks
an entire bottle shall sleep after a glass. What are you blabbering? N-No, nothing. Here you go. I was thinking that whatever is happening
in Baghdad is a mirror. They have become turtles.. Looks like,
they have ample of time. This is the right time
to join them. ‘For any evidence’ ‘I will have to keep
my eyes and ears open.’ ‘The illness
is spreading rapidly.’ ‘Looks like
the entire Baghdad..’ Uncle.. ‘Oh my! I’m in danger!’

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