Aladdin – Ep 390 – Full Episode – 12th February 2020

Genie of the lamp. Respect the box. Three of you want freedom,
right? You will get freedom.. You master will
also get freedom but you will have
to sacrifice your life. May Zafar not
be able to do anything. Change us into smoke. What is this? I think nobody
likes my magnetising eyes so they blurred them out. Real master,
before uncle’s magic ends please release Genie Meanie. I can’t see anything,
Genie of the lamp. Aladdin. Brother. Genie of the lamp Yes. Capture this ring
with your magical powers. Darn, now I have to defeat
him with my cleverness. You do it,
if you have the guts. Without the help of any
gin or using any magic tricks. Then I’ll get
to know who you are. Very good, master. Hey. He is my master. Talk to him respectfully. Everybody see this. Even his gin knows that
his master cannot do anything Your master is
looking very tired so let him sit. And you
enter the field. Mischief! Master, listening to
him speak is making me angry. He should lose,
isn’t it? – Yes. We should take
his ring away, right? – Yes. Then fight alone. And take
the ring from him. Yes! What? Not what?
Say yes. Fight him alone. So entire Baghdad
knows how brave you are. And you don’t need
help from any genie. My master played these
games in his childhood, Zafar. You can’t
win against him. Hey, what are you saying! See now.. My master will now.. jump and thrash
your master so much that he will..
learn a lesson. Your bones will
break if you jump so much. Aladdin! Tonight you shall
go empty handed. Neither will you
get the ring nor will
the genie of the ring. Thinking
less of your enemy Is the biggest
mistake in a battle, Zafar. My intentions are clear,
Zafar. I will get the ring. Just shut up! My master will thrash you so badly just wait and watch. But it is
Aladdin who will win. My master
will be the one to win. Victorious.. My master will be
victorious. – Hey. Victorious.. My master
will be victorious. Abracadabra! I didn’t
think less of you. But I understood
you correctly, Aladdin. This ring will be mine. And the fate of these
Genies will be decided by me. Hey, genie of the lamp! The enemy lies ahead. Cut these enemies
into pieces. Do you have any idea
what you’ve done, Gullu? I built a rapport with his
highness with great difficulty. And you just
broke it like an old object. Let it go
if it’s broken. – What! I mean build it back. What are you blabbering? Oh, God! Gulbadan got caught. Then secret of Genie
and Aladdin too will be out. I need to
do something now. I swear.. Gullu, his highness would
have made our life comfortable. But you destroyed
everything in an instant. Why did you do so? Why did you do so.. Why..
That’s enough, mom! Hadn’t you have Aladdin
get caught for your benefit and not support Zafar. Then there was
no need for me to do this. Do not talk like a fool,
Gulbadan. How is Aladdin
involved in this? He is dead. Aladdin is alive, mom. I hope you didn’t
go crazy due to my thrashing. Don’t talk like a fool. Tell me, why is
Ali so important to you? Answer me now! The one you consider
Ali is my brother Aladdin. Yes. He is indeed
my brother Aladdin. And he’s in
danger right now, mom. No one can
stop me from helping him. Not even you. Gulbadan.. Is Ali Aladdin? My servants. Kill all three of them. ‘Oh, my God!
This is such a trouble.’ ‘I think it is time to tell him
the truth.’ Master, I want
to tell you something. ‘What does he want to say
when I gave him’ ‘such an important order?’ ‘He is definitely about to tell
his truth to Zafar.’ ‘No.’ I.. – You want to say that you
have a doubt on me, right? You want to say that neither I
will attack my real master nor will I let you
do that, right? You are right. ‘Jhumru has figured that Genie
is about to tell his truth.’ ‘Before Chand and Genie Meanie
get into any trouble’ ‘I shall send them out.’ He is our master, Genie Meanie.
We cannot decline his orders. We have to go. Unfortunately,
you are my master but he.. He is my real master. I will not let anything
happen to him. The one who possesses your ring is your master. I have your ring right now. You have to obey my orders,
otherwise, you know what will happen, right? I know. But I do not care. Master, please go away.
– What are you saying? I will not leave you here. If you really consider me
as a part of your team and your close one then please go away. Go.
– Both my team and my life are incomplete without you,
Jhumru. You just obey Zafar’s orders. I have learned to fight
for justice from you. I will not obey the orders
of this idiot. Please go away.
– What are you doing, Jhumru? I will not leave you alone here. I will not go. ‘Please listen, Jhumru.’ Master, you have done
a lot for me. I have got the chance to do
something for you today. I will never miss this chance.
Please go. Till when will I have to hear there nonsense! When will the sacrifice
take place, Zeher? Now. Zafar! Master! Jhumru.. Jhumru! Fantastic.. The wait is over, Brother. The sacrifice is complete. Ali, have you realised now who is more powerful? Zafar! Master! Jhumru! Jhumru..
Nothing will happen to you. Jhumru, nothing
will happen to you. I will definitely find a way. Nothing will happen to you. I will be gone by then, Master.
– No.. You will not go. Mister Bulbul must have
a solution that can heal you. My time has come, Master.
– Jhumru. My time has come. There is just
one last task pending. After that, our work
will surely be over. Then let us go. Anyway, I am not interested
in this sorrow and all. Genie. Y-Yes, Master.
– Let us go. No, Master.
Actually, they are very clever. Let me keep an eye on them.
You go, I will follow. Nothing will happen
to you, Jhumru. Nothing will happen. Jhumru! Jhumru! Jhumru! Jhumru! Jhumru. Jhumru. What happened? Jhumru. Let us go. Brother. Do you know
what this colour indicates? This colour indicates that the sacrifice of the djinn
was useful for us. We won, Brother.
– Wonderful. Aladdin was being so happy by freeing
two of his djinns. I killed the djinn of the ring and turned his small victory into defeat. This poison has acquired way more evil powers than I expected. Absolutely, Brother.
– Now.. No one can stop me
from reaching my destination.

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  2. This is completely bullshit, what the fuck jini mini is doing here,she can freeze everyone and save angoothi chap….
    Bloody fool makers……

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