Aladdin – Ep 393 – Full Episode – 17th February 2020

Who is it?
Who is it? Your assassin.. Yasmine.. Not Yasmine. It’s Queen Yasmine. You played a lot of tricks. You set a trap and conspired. Now, fight with me. Pick up this sword and don’t fight me
from behind like a coward but from the front
like a soldier. You want to fight with me? In this condition? No matter how bad
my condition might be I can fight with you. Seems like because of hunger,
you’re unable to think straight and you’ve become weak that is why
you dropped the sword. Wonderful! You are Aladdin’s,
his father’s his mother’s,
his brother’s my dad’s, mine and everybody else’s
perpetrator, Zafar. And today I will ensure that you die
a terrible death. I am ready to die several times for the
attitude that you possess. But sadly it is too late because
now I won’t die. Mister, you? Thank God
that you all are okay. Ms. Ruksaar, you
are injured. – No, it’s okay.. But Aladdin and Gulbadan they.. Are they still there? Aladdin. Master.
– Aunt. Mother. Are you okay? Are you all right? Gulbadan, you have
sustained a lot of injuries. You go inside and take rest. But, Aunt..
– I told you go inside and take rest.
Come on. Are you both okay? Mr. Bulbul, thank you
so much. Today Mr. Bulbul’s blanket
saved us. But, Master, how did you
find out that we are here? The moment people started
getting disturbed because of the air
bringing tears Genie came to me and told me
that Mr. Bulbul has done this. He got all three of you here. He asked me and Gulbadan
to get out of there. And that’s what we did. Mr. Bulbul. How did you get to know
that we are in danger? How did you? It’s because of Genie. He sent a pigeon
to deliver the message about the
danger and informed me that the three of you
need my help. I reached there instantly
with the air that induces tears. Why do all of you look upset? Where is the genie
of the ring? Please forgive me,
Uncle Bulbul. I couldn’t save him. He fought for all of us
and sacrificed his life. Oh, God! What have You done? Zafar will have to pay for this.
– Yes. Zeher as well. But who is Zeher? How did the two of you
and genie of the ring fall into her trap? Zeher is very cunning
than Zafar. – Yes. She is actually
his younger sister. She is making
different poisons and helping Zafar reach
the magician, ‘Mallika.’ Zafar will only
be half as strong without her magic
and poison. About the three of us
falling into her trap this is what happened. ‘This secret letter
is only for you.’ ‘In the second ‘pahar’
of the night’ ‘meet me at the ruins
outside the city.’ ‘Don’t tell anyone about it.’ ‘You? – You?
– The two of you as well?’ ‘Quiet!’ ‘We have to tell everything
to master and get out of here.’ ‘Hurry up.’ Yes. The abductions of the two
of us and the queen and the sacrifice
of the genie of the ring.. Zeher’s wicked plans
led to all of this. The queen’s condition
is serious. Zafar has incarcerated her
in Zeher’s cave. I couldn’t save
genie of the ring. But I will save Yasmine
at any cost. I will save her. No, dear. I won’t let you go. I have endured a lot to finally be with you. I have lost you once, dear. I don’t want to lose you again.
Absolutely not. – Uncle. I will be fine. He is right, Master. Mother, please explain
it to them. He is right, Aladdin.
– Mother. Everyone is running amok. Even the children of Baghdad
are looking for you. Yes, Mother, but..
– Brother.. Let me tell you something.
When Aladdin was young he’d cry every day before
going to school. ‘Aladdin.. Listen to me.’ ‘Won’t you go to school
because Mushtaq teases you?’ ‘He troubles me and
obstructs my path every day.’ ‘I am not going.’ ‘Will you listen
to what I want to tell you?’ ‘These obstacles in life
are like cowards.’ ‘If you run away from them,
they will keep following you.’ ‘But if you face them bravely’ ‘they’d get scared
and flee.’ ‘Would the obstacles
really run away?’ Do you want to know
what happened after that? Aladdin, tell him. I went to school again
after that and faced Mushtaq bravely. Did he ever bother
you after that? Never. I know that
you love Aladdin a lot. You love Baghdad to the same
extent, don’t you? But, Ruksaar, there are a lot
of people outside. They are our people
and not strangers. They just don’t know
the truth yet. Who will end the regime of lies
if the ones who know the truth don’t do anything? I will do it. Me too.
– Me too. Go, children.
Do it for this country. For the queen. For Genie. For genie of the ring. For your father. Baghdad can
never shatter, dear. The brave love and courage
of mothers like Ruksaar has kept it united
and it will remain united. The prayers of thousands
of mothers like her is a barrier between you
and the evil, dear. You all are completely safe. Genie Meanie, Chand.. Take me to the place where Zafar
has held Yasmine captive. Yes, Master.. Go, my children. God will protect you.
– Go. Win the battle. Dame..
– Genie.. – Dame.. Dame, are you injured? Zafar was instigating everyone
against you people. All the people were beating
you people and I.. I could not help you,
please forgive me. Genie, do not apologise.
It is not your fault. I.. I can understand
your situation. Forgive me. Where are Sara and Chand? They have gone to the cave
of poison with Aladdin to save the queen. Oh, my God!
A huge problem! That woman and her place
are very dangerous. I have to go to help them.
I am going.. – Genie! No. You have already taken
a lot of trouble for us. Zafar should not
doubt you. You just stay around Zafar so that he remains convinced
that you are his loyal djinn. Jhumru has sacrificed his life for this secret, Genie. Do not waste his sacrifice. No, Dame. I have understood
what I need to do. Master, Her Highness
was held captive there. Her Highness
was right here. Where is she
if she is not here? Has Zafar
done something to.. Zafar. You could not defeat me
in fencing. That is why you..
You deceived again. No problem. The countdown
has begun, Zafar. You were very fond
of using sword, right? You will stay in some corner
as a flower. What is this, Zeher! What is this!

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    Who else doesn't like her…..
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