Aladdin – Ep 395 – Full Episode – 19th February 2020

My goodness..
I swear, Mustafa.. I have never been
fond of anything before. Except this. The flower will wither
tomorrow and our empress.. My goodness! But why should we wait for it to wither tomorrow? Wonderful. Empress, goodbye. Oh, Lord! My Lord!
– Oh God! You have fulfilled my wish. The one to fulfil my wish..
Who are you? Where are you?
Appear before me. Lord.. You are the one
to hit me on my hand, right? I swear on God.
I have not done this. Do not swear on God! I will not spare you. Oh, goodness! Disappearing blanket!
Don’t disappoint me. Genie Meanie! All right, Master. The one who is lean
should eat less. And the person
I want, should freeze. Who is hitting us? What is happening? Lady Naazneen,
you have beaten up Mustafa. Now, I will teach you
a lesson. You hit me again! How dare you hit me!
There you go! You can’t be this strong.
– That’s right. Mustafa..
I am your wife. You are my husband. It is your duty
to protect me. You are going to be
the minister soon. It is your duty
to protect me. Keep quiet.
I am not one yet. Oh, God! Master’s disappearing
blanket is falling down. His hand is visible. The one who is lean
should eat less. The one I want
should freeze. Master.. Genie Meanie,
Yasmine is with us. We should go from here. All right.
– Let us go. ‘I wish to take you
under the stars.’ ‘I wish to take you
to the heaven.’ ‘Yasmine, I had thought
we would spend time together.’ ‘But..
– Aladdin..’ ‘This is not
just your battle alone.’ ‘This is my battle as well.’ ‘And we will
fight this battle together.’ Forgive me, Yasmine. I got late
in reaching you. ‘The day this flower withers’ ‘Yasmine will go away’ ‘from our lives forever.’ Mother.. Aladdin, you have never
given up. And now..
It’s about Yasmine. Be strong, Aladdin. I know that you will
protect your love. How, Mother? How will I protect her? With the falling
of the petals Yasmine is going
away from me. She is going away from me.
How will I save her? With the ‘seed of life’. Congratulations, Brother. The final
and the most important phase of our journey has arrived. I just have to add life
to the poison. How? The seed of life
that is found in Yunnan. The seed of life! Yes, Aladdin. There’s a special
and pure tree in Yunnan. And only one fruit grows on
that tree throughout the year. And you get the seed of life
inside that fruit. That is the only seed
which can revive her. This seed of life can give life to Mallika who
has now turned into a statue. And if this happens then all the doors
leading to her will open for us. I swear on my love. I will cross even seven oceans
if I have to. But, I will bring
the seed of life. We have come here in order to reach
sorceress Mallika. Going to Yunnan
is not a big deal. We will go. And I will get
the seed of life and I will fulfil the motive of my life. Undoubtedly, Brother. It is decided. We will leave
for Yunnan, tomorrow to bring the seed of life.
– Yes. What will I do here?
Even I will come along. No, Genie. You have to stay here
and do an important job. You have to be
with Zafar. So that we get to know
what Zafar and Zeher are up to. Genie, this is not
the right time. We have to hide your secret until it is the right time. We cannot let Jhumru’s
sacrifice go in vain, right? You are right, Aladdin. All right. Sara, Chaand and you
leave for Yunnan. I will take care of
Lady Ruksaar. I will keep an eye
on Zafar so that he does not go
out of my sight. We are fighting
this battle for Yasmine, Jhumru and all
the children of Baghdad. So we have to give
our best. Mother and Genie
will stay here and fight. And we will fight in Yunnan. Only when we push
from all the directions we will be able
to demolish the wall of lies. Stay alert
and do not worry. I will not
let us lose this time. Amen! ‘Aladdin is going to Yunnan
to do a good deed’ ‘and this brother-sister duo
are against goodness.’ ‘I have to divert
their attention.’ Master.. Actually I have
had this question in my mind since a long time. Can I ask you? I will ask you. When the hair turns grey then why does the person
make it black? I mean, he can
make it green, blue or yellow, right?
– Yes. He agreed so soon. Yes.
I have one more question. Did the hen come first? Or is it the egg? The stick. ‘Oh, my God!
I am in trouble.’ ‘He is lost
in his own world.’ ‘He is going
to do something.’ Shall we go, Brother? What do you mean? Are you both
going somewhere? Did you not tell him? No, he did not
tell me anything. I need one last thing in order to reach
sorceress Mallika. I see.
What is it? I am going to
get the same. And you will take us there. Well..
Where? I mean..
To Razzaq’s shop? Yunnan! I have found the map
of Yunnan from father’s book. It will help us
get there. Curds and sugar
is for good luck. Winning and losing
is not important in the game. But this a huge battle
of your lives. You have to win this battle. Yasmine.. Mother’s blessings
are with us. Nobody can stop us. Everything will be fine,
Yasmine. You can again say.. ‘Aladdin, don’t bother me.’ ‘Aladdin, I will strangle you.’ ‘Aladdin, I won’t
spare you.’ Master, you are impossible. I am certain.. We will win this battle. I too believe it. Yasmine,
everybody is waiting for you. I, the people of Baghdad.. Everybody needs you. We haven’t lost till now
and we will not lose in future. We will defeat our enemies. We have jumped into the battle. We will win the battle. Gang!
Are you ready? Ready, Master. Yes, Master. There are obstacles
before you. And you also have
the solution. This is His sign that you shall win,
my children. Go to Yunnan and bring the seed of life
for the empress. N-No..
I mean, why Yunnan? Are they giving away
‘Jalebi’ for free? Why are we going there? The seed of life. ‘There’s a very special
and pure tree in Yunnan.’ ‘Only one flower grows on it
throughout the year.’ ‘And you get the seed of life
inside the fruit.’ ‘Even they have
learnt about the seed of life?’ ‘Even they want
to go there.’ ‘Aladdin must have
left by now.’ ‘Neither can I inform him’ ‘nor can I stop this man.’ ‘What should I do?’ Let us go. What happened, Gulgule? What are you thinking? ‘I have to cook up something.’ Master, you know it well.
I am your slave. Shall I say something?
I hope, you will not mind. Master, I have been
noticing you since morning. You look tired. Honestly speaking,
you are stinking. You need a shower. You need to take a bath. Because of you meet her
in this condition then let alone helping you she won’t even look at you. Foolish! You are a slave
so be like one. Don’t try to be friendly. But why are you saying? First of all, it’s your head
not a tree that I would climb, right? Secondly, if I am his slave it doesn’t mean
that I am a slave to his family. So you.. I am telling this
for his good. Right, Master?
– Gulgule, stop this nonsense. I have to get the seed reach sorceress Mallika and you will take me there. Let us go. I had told you
that you are tired. That’s why, you are
unable to understand. Yemen, not Yunnan. You will get the seed of life
in Yemen. You will get the seeds
of apples and oranges in Yunnan. I am losing my control. You know it well
that if I lose my control then who will I vent it on?
– Who? On you.
– On me? Shall we leave? ‘I wish that Aladdin
reaches Yunnan’ ‘before this rascal does.’ As you wish, Master. The naughty kid
got scolded by his mother. We are heading to Yunnan. Well done, Carpet. You made us reach Yunnan
so soon. Very soon, my short tempered
and caring Yasmine will come back. ‘We have reached here.’ ‘I wonder where
Aladdin would be.’ ‘I wish he finds
the seed of life.’ Master.. Master,
Yunnan is a huge country. How will we find
a small seed? With the help of my poison. Brother, this path will
lead us to our destiny. Wonderful! ‘If Zeher is not with him’ ‘then Zafar will not
be able to do anything.’ ‘If they notice Aladdin’ ‘and flower turned Yasmine
together’ ‘then it will ruin
our entire game.’ Master..

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