Aladdin – Ep 397 – Full Episode – 21st February 2020

Zeher why did you bring me
near this maze? Brother, the way to the
tree of life is through this maze. Fine if you say so. Genie. Go forward and help us to go
cross this maze. No. Insolent! Listen to me first. What do you mean? I mean,
no genie, no human or whoever does magic cannot cross this maze. So, you’ve to reach
the tree of life without me. Are you sure? Oh, God!
Somebody kill me please.. What are you saying? Master, is this what I was
destined for? You don’t believe me, right? I will go inside the maze
if you say so. But if I lose my powers then don’t complaint me later. No..
Listen you are nothing. without your powers. Let’s go, Zeher. Brother, you go. I too use powers
including your genie. What if I lose my powers
while going inside? Brother, I’ve lot of work here. I’ve so much of
arrangements to do. After you bring the seed of life we can use it and reach near the magician. You want me to go alone? Are you scared? Don’t be afraid, Brother. You are the Minister. Tell your genie to bring back my things
by using his powers so that I can carry on my work.
– No. Zeher I think you’ve forgotten. What did I tell you just now? I only follow
orders of my master and not anyone else. Brother. I am sure that my master will not ask me to follow
your orders. Am I right, Master? Genie.. I don’t have time for your
nonsense talks. Bring back her things and this is my order. Master, your wish is my command. Have dessert after meal. May she gets what she needs. ‘Right now, I don’t have
anything else to do’ ‘apart from following
his orders.’ Just wait and watch. Zeher. Now, I’ve to prepare
a special poison. I’ve to cool it and warm this poison as well. Brother you are still standing here. Go and bring seed of life. You are saying as if it is easier for me. Yes.
You don’t even do easier task. What? I mean you should go now, Master. Go. It’s an old way
to rule your enemy. Separate them and then rule them. Zafar and Zeher you both will witness
my powers now. Amazing! But, where is Master? I found them. Oh, God! Where did we land here? Let’s go together. Master, which song is this? Chand, there is no such song. But,
it will be composed one day. But, what is this? Master. Master. This is a maze. After crossing this you can reach
the tree of life Listen neither a genie nor a person who
use magical powers can cross this maze. So, you’ve to go alone leaving Genie Meanie
and Chand here. Just now Zafar went inside. Come on.
Go fast! Okay, Genie. ‘If I’ve to bring back Jasmine’ ‘then I’ve to take the seed
of life before Zafar.’ Brother,
I know you will bring it. I trust on you. You will handle Zafar alone. Here, we will teach Zeher a lesson. Master, take care of yourself. Master, you’re going alone but you will come back
with Queen together. Her name is Zeher
and her actions are also evil. But,
now we will teach her a lesson. Bulbul gave the magical shawl
to Aladdin. How have they both got it? Sister-in-law Naazneen has
crossed all the limits. And her husband
is no less than her. I will definitely teach
them both a lesson today. Idiot!
Where has she gone? Let me find her today,
I will show her what I can do. I swear!
Why have you pushed me! Even I swear today! N-No, I did not push.
I do not have that strength to push.. – Really?
I will show now. I will teach you such a lesson that you will never forget! ‘I will forget my path
if I keep roaming here.’ ‘It will be better to mark
this point.’ Hey. I reached the same spot again. Before he reaches the tree,
I have to reach there. Time is not something
to be wasted. Yes, you want to bother me. But what kind
of weird path is this? You should have made
a straight path. Idiot. Come here. Hey, come here.
I cannot say it loudly. The boy is clever though. If I just follow him then I will definitely reach
my destination. Oh, no.. Zafar is trying to get out
of this maze by following me. Follow me. Even I am ready
to distract you. I have to reach the tree
of life seeds quickly now. I thought I
was on the correct path. The boy fooled me again. Aladdin. Great. I can get out of the maze
with the help of this shadow. Are you finding your path with
the help of shadow of the tree? Do not forget that I am following you here. Name is Zeher.
Actions are evil. This is it.
I am almost done. Once brother returns
with the life seed I’ll mix it the poison. As soon as I do that we will reach in front
of Magician Mallika. What is this! Who is that! Who is that! Who is that! My poison! No! My poison! Who is that! ‘You called for a storm
for my master and team, right?’ ‘It is your turn now.
Have fun.’ My poison! My medicine!
All my hard work! Nothing is left! Who wants to die!
Who is that! Come out! May the weird one eats less. May he freezes
whom I want to freeze. You are sweet. Rest of the world is bitter. I mean..
Sara. Yes. Genie. Genie Meanie. I-I mean, even you
did a great job. Just like the Ace of the deck. But it was you
who created the storm. What can I say? I do not like to praise
myself. We three fought together
thus we could defeat our foe. What do you think?
Jinu? Genie Meanie? Should we begin? Yes, Uncle. Attack! Splendid! No way. What is this beast?
A head of a bull! I mean to say that
he is part man.. Part bull. It is a strange beast. Great beast, you are
majestic! I do not have time
to speak to you so you must converse
with him. And allow me to leave! I can raise death
at will. I am Khatral. All fear me! So what brings you to me? We were wandering
and we came here. Doomed you are,
as you walked in jaws of death. But you will not be able
to go back.

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