Aladdin – Ep 417 – Full Episode – 20th March 2020

I am very pleased to meet you. And Yasmine. I am very happy to see that you have become
so wise. Earlier, you used to like
to eat fish. Now, you have started
making friends with them. A-Aunt.. You are mistaken.
I never liked eating fish. Had your grandmother been
here, she would tell you that it is no mistake.
It is the truth. Apart from eating fish you were fond
of many other things. Should I tell? Entering my bedroom secretly playing with my jewellery dressing up in my clothes so on and so forth..
Should I tell more? Oh, my God! I did not even know that you
were so fond of all this. E-Even I did not know. Father just used to tell me that I grew up
playing with swords. Shahnawaz may have said that
just to make you happy. I mean.. Your father did. I heard from people that you never addressed father
by his name. Siblings can address each other
in any way, Queen. The guests are welcomed
with sweets in Baghdad. And you are a very
special guest. Because of some problem
in the kitchen I could not prepare
much for you today. But I prepared this ‘Sheer Khurma’
especially for you. Yasmine. Will you not introduce us?
– Let me do it. She is my mother,
Ruksaar who loves us a lot and always supports
the truth. And the best thing is that
the food prepared by her is delicious. Whether there is a problem
in the kitchen or in our life we all reach out to her first. Please do not listen to them.
They are children and that is why they consider me
as moon not a human.
– We are right though. If the children say so,
this must be true. Look. The one whose hands
are so sweet must be just as sweet
by nature. I am very pleased to meet you. Same here. ‘Maybe I am unnecessarily
doubting aunt.’ ‘She is treating everyone
so nicely, with a smile.’ ‘She has really
changed a lot.’ As you can see, we both
are young and good looking. I do not know about others. They must be tired, so everyone
should take rest. Please come, Aunt. Let me
show you to your bed chamber. And then we shall meet
at lunch. – Let us go. Why is the food not appearing? What is going on? This has never happened before. What shall I do to bring
my magic back? Why is the chest containing
my lamp moving? First of all, I should
check the lamp. Thankfully, the lamp is safe. Aunt, this is your bed chamber. Aladdin, I cannot believe
that aunt has changed so much. The one who always
spoke in taunts is being so nice today. How can someone
change so much? What is wrong with my lamp? This is strange.
My lamp. Oh, my Goodness!
What is this madness! First, my magic left me
and now, lamp is going. No! Where are you going? Hey, stop! Hey..
How strange! Stop.
Hey.. What is going on? What is going on? Why do I feel as if something
is about to happen? Yasmine, time changes
many things. – No. Habits can change,
likes and dislikes can change but it’s almost as if aunt
is a new person altogether. Yasmine, let us go. Why do I feel as if I am about
to see something. What? Lest my head aches,
may the lamp’s motion break! How strange. Why is the lamp
floating in the air? And why is aunt holding
the lamp in her hand? ‘The magic lamp?’ My lamp.. Let me introduce you to my third genie. Ginu, alias
Genie of the lamp. He.. He is your genie? Genie, stop staring at her,
will you? She is Yasmine’s aunt. I know her. What do you mean?
– I mean.. I feel as if we have met before. Have we met before? Maybe.. Maybe, you have met someone
who looks like me. But that is quite impossible because there is no one like me. I am unique.
Am I right, Aladdin? No.. I have met you before. ‘I am the creator
of your lamp.’ ‘I am your creator.’ ‘Because of you’ ‘I spent 500 years in the form
of a stone statue.’ ‘You have surely met me,
Genie of the lamp.’ ‘Your lamp turned out
to be smarter than you.’ ‘It recognised me
before you did.’ ‘That is why it came flying
to me.’ ‘I feel like strangling you
right now.’ Well.. Aunt.. Are you all right? Aunt! ‘I have to constantly
remind myself’ ‘I am here to teach a lesson
to the Genie of the lamp’ ‘and the rest of them.’ Genie! You can play hide-and-seek
with us if you want. Why are you playing
with the lamp? You know how important it is
to safeguard the lamp. You know I hate playing
hide-and-seek. Well, I was unable
to perform magic. So, I went to see the lamp and the flew went away
from me.. Anything can happen
in this world except for two things. Genie’s hunger being satiated
and his magic being ineffective. If you do not believe me,
I shall try again. My magic will not work. Just give it a try. ‘The lamp came to me.’ ‘If Genie is unable
to perform magic’ ‘they might get suspicious
of me.’ ‘I have to intervene
with my magic.’ All right. The window.. I hope my magic works
and opens this window. My magic worked! How did this happen? Wait, let me try again. I shall bring back your cap. How do I do it? Your cap is back! This is so surprising!
This is so overwhelming. Your magic is working,
Genie. This was bound to happen now that I am here. Greetings..
– Greetings.. Greetings, Your Grace.
– The queen’s aunt.. ‘Who are these strange people?’ They are the parents
of Baghdad’s minister, Gulbadan They are my paternal uncle
and aunt. Well.. Here’s a small present for you,
on our behalf. – Yes.. Please accept it. Praise the Lord! I had heard so much
about you but I had not heard enough. You are so lovely in person. You are such a liar! You never heard my pleas
for another morsel of food. Where did you hear
about her? I heard about her
at the market. You will have plenty of time
to get to know each other. Aunt, you must be tired.
Please get some rest. Come.. – Please rest.
We will be right here.

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  1. Truly saying yaar iss mallika ko dekhke bad vibes hi nahi ata hain jese Zafar ko dekhke ata tha. She is actually not perfect for negative role.

  2. 9:55 fools we didn’t forget the chirag making scene from first episode, then another lady was Malika.😑

  3. Before making this episode, makers should have watched episode 1.
    Method of Geenu's creation is different in episode 1 and this episode.

  4. Pehly Zafar ny 400 sY Sy ziada episode mein demagh ki gand mari ab Pta nahi Malika jadugarmi kitni demgh ki Mary gi😨😨😨😨

  5. I think Baghdad is a huge place, they have a lot of space when other guest can rent there or stay there in the chamber

  6. The magic lamp scene already seen don’t you remember the first episode and that’s not how the magic lamp was made BUT
    loved this episode

  7. Kaminooo ek episode 17 mints hai or ek be achaa part nai hai is mai ye kia hai 417 e agyaaa hai or sb gandaaa hai

  8. Aplogo ko thora pishe jake dekhna cahiya appne tab kya dekhayatha abkaya dekha raheho..akto malika ko badaldiya thik hyy bt seen v badaldo gee…



    I heard that India is in quarantine also..
    does that mean the Aladdin movie stopped for a while ?????


  11. Hello owner of the SAB TV COMPANY with humble request from Bangladesh I ,myself specifically request that please re start the program (BADI DOOR SE AAYE HAIN AND PARTNER) season-2. B'coz when these drama running on the TV I was really very busy with my 12th class study so that's why I can't see more episodes, only these 2 drama are very special for me, I could not stop them whenever I got chance, so for the neighbour's of your country can it re start please, please, please….I really, really missed it. BASANT,BARSHA,ANNA.SHARAD,HEMANT,SISIR,PRITES,CHAKURI,BADRESH,UNCLE OZHA,LAJO AUNTY, INSPECTOR ADI,MANAB,AYSHA,DOLLY,GOGGLE, BOSS,DIG,SUNDARI,NINA,,,,,so please sir bring them back. Please, please, please sir do it🧚‍♂️🧚‍♂️🧚‍♂️

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