Aladdin – Ep 5 – Full Episode – 27th August, 2018

This is the truth about
the lamp. Believe it. Only he who has these three
qualities, can have the lamp. Honesty, bravery and kindness. The lamp chooses the one
who is one in a million. The lamp accepts only one. The rest have to return
disappointed. We are in a dessert,
do not forget that. We are in a dessert,
do not forget that. We are bound
to sweat profusely. Wonderful.. I know that you feel like
dancing on hearing my poetry. But I do not want you to dance
on these sand dunes. Please forgive me, Basanti.
I know I am talking nonsense. My mind is not working
due to the heat. Scientist Bulbul gave me
a compass. Let me see if I am
on the right path. Basanti, hold on. Oh, no! What is this? Where is the compass? And whose book is this? That thief! If she comes in front of me I will chop her hair off,
Basanti! Just wait and watch! Well, I will not chop
all her hair off. Basanti, it is not good to
chop someone’s hair off, right? No! I cannot fall weak.
That girl is a nuisance. She will come screaming and..
– You thief! “Our eyes” “have begun to speak.” “Our eyes” “have begun to speak.” You thief! You stole my bag! You stole my bag. You are a thief. You take people’s belongings
without their permission. My mother has taught me not to take the belongings
of strangers. So, why would I even need
anyone’s permission? But you do take
people’s belongings! Thief! I see. So, you are not
the princess of Baghdad either. I will teach you a lesson
right now, you thief! “Our eyes” “have begun to speak..” “Our eyes..” “have begun to speak..” Brother-in-law, I have made
all the arrangements for the guest. – Not you, us.
We did it together. You idiot! What rubbish! ‘Where are you, black thief?’ ‘Bring my genie to me, soon.’ Water.. See! Now you have
come to your senses. Idiot! I am asking for water.. Water.. Water.. Water.. Why did you steal my bag? Why would I steal
that useless stone? This is not a useless stone.
It works as a compass. This is no ordinary book either. You must have read
several books. Have you ever read
a person’s face? Is that a song?
– Not yet, but one day.. It will be a song. Why did you not expose this
to moonlight? It has lost its power.
It will not work now. How will I find
the way now? Hey! It is all your fault. Basanti and I are stranded here
because of you. We are wandering in
this desert because of you. It is all your fault.
You are to blame! Shut up! We are yearning for water
in this desert because of you. I will kill you today! Mother! Water.. Water.. Water.. Water.. Thank God,
my life is saved. ‘Something is fishy here.’ ‘I will have to get to
the lamp soon.’ I have heard that it is not
easy to get to the lamp. Because people say that
there is a guardian in that desert
who protects the lamp. Guardian?
– Guardian? He guards the lamp. The protector! I have heard that
the protector has created many obstacles on the way. The first obstacle is an illusionary village Khatrapur. The villagers are dangerous. You are our guests. You are such nice people. I thought I would be stuck
here forever, because of him! Their eyes are green. You know, even though Shabbu
and Nimmo are real sisters their eyes do not match. Who are they?
– Mr. Khan’s goats. They get proposals from
good goats from far off places. But they decline. They say that the boys
these days are self-obsessed. All they care about
is themselves. You..
– Well.. Do you not feel that
their laughter is weird? Who are you? He is Gabbar. – He is Jabbar.
– And he is Babbar. You are very funny. You must be exhausted. Come to our village.
Get some rest and eat something. Please come..
– Come.. And, our horse? Do not worry about that.
Our men will come and take it. Yes.
– Come. Hey! Why are we going to the
village of these strange people? They are not strange,
they are just funny. But you will not know.
You cannot even differentiate between a real gem
and a fake one. So, you go. Basanti and I
will stay here. – Fine. Basanti and you can stay here
and yearn for water. I am going. This thief is highly
ill-mannered and a snob. But however she may be,
I cannot let her go alone with these strange people. ‘Scientist Bulbul had warned me’ ‘about the dangers
in this desert.’ ‘I hope we are not
walking into a trap.’ You need a heart of steel
in order to get to the lamp. Until today, no one has been
able to cross Khatrapur. You will not be able
to get through either, boy! The one who steps into
Khatrapur once cannot be saved
even by God. Queen! Queen!
Queen! Queen! Queen! Queen! Queen! ‘Did they recognise me?’ These people really are strange. They are calling a thief,
a queen! Be thankful that they are not
calling you a thief. Why do you address me
as your queen? This is a special day
for our village. This day comes once
in 10 years. On this day, if a new member
steps in our village they become our King or Queen.
– Yes. And you have stepped into
our village for the first time. So, you are our Queen. Everyone’s eyes are weird. Their language is weird. Something is not right here. Look, my mother told me that
my father would tell her tales about a village where people’s
eyes were green. They make strangers
their King or Queen. And then..
– Then? I do not remember what happened
after that. But I do not that the story
ends at a dangerous note. We must run away from here. You always talk like thieves. We have just arrived,
and you want to run away. They think I am their Queen. I cannot disappoint them. But these people will
definitely kill us. I am going. Goodbye!
‘Queen!’ She is a thief, but she
acts like a princess. She has come to
the perfect village. Let her be crowned
as their queen. Crown? ‘What happened then, Mother?
– Then..’ ‘The one who was crowned
became the King.’ ‘But as soon as they became
the King, they lost their mind.’ ‘Because the King would have
to be like the people.’ ‘What does that mean? – You
want to know what it means?’ ‘If you want to know
the mystery behind this’ ‘then the crown shall answer
all your questions.’ ‘If you want to be safe,
then run away from the village.’ I have to break the crown
before sunset. Hey, you thief!
Do not wear that crown! Queen! Queen!
Queen! Queen! Queen! Queen!
Queen! Queen! Queen! Queen!
Queen! Queen! Queen! Queen!
Queen! Queen! Well.. I forgot something. I will go and get it.
Okay, Queen? Where do you think
you are going? Catch him, and cook! Cook? No.. I am not hungry.
I am going, okay? You may eat.
– You thief! Would you like to know
what will be cooked today? W-What is going to be cooked? You will be stuffed
between bread! Your Queen is very funny! The journey to the lamp
is difficult. Many came,
but none of them returned. The one who wears
the crown of Khatrapur loses his mind. And once the sun sets,
they do not come to their senses
even after taking off the crown. There are only two consequences
of Khatrapur. Insanity, and death. The girl went insane and the boy shall die. Call the undertaker! Dear demoness.. I mean, Queen.. Please forgive me. I made
a mistake by messing with you. Behead him.
– What? Queen! Queen!
Queen! Queen! Queen! Queen!
Queen! Queen! I will have to break
that crown before sunset or we will never be able
to get out of here. Get that boy! Hey! We belong
to the same community. Both of us our thieves.
Then why are you so angry? Wake up!
Wake up, girl! Wake up! Ill-mannered boy!
What are you doing? How dare you make me
strangle you! Insolent boy! Listen, please forgive me.
– For what? For this. You thief! Thief! Stay right here,
do not move. These innocent people are
stuck here because of the crown. I have to break the crown
and free them. What!
It was made in China. I can break this in no time. ‘Dear Lord, wherever my
Aladdin is,’ ‘please protect him.’ ‘This boy is dead.’

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