Aladdin – Ep 9 – Full Episode – 31st August, 2018

‘Genie..’ Oh, God! Is this a
bad dream or have I really reached the netherworld? No.. Mother will take me to task if
I die without informing her. Oh, God!
How did this happen? I was fighting
with Malika and then.. Am I dead? ‘You will remain trapped’ ‘inside this lamp for life!’ No.. She had trapped
me inside a lamp. So.. Is she the same woman posing as a boy now? I am so scared! It hurts. That means I am alive. I am alive.
So, I must face this. I-I have to face her. A-And I will
face her with courage. ‘Genie..’ Why are you bent on taking
his life for no reason? ‘Was this just
a hallucination?’ Princess, let me tell you,
this act of yours can make the king shave his moustache off,
the symbol of pride. W-What? What did you just say? My act can.. It can make the king
shave his moustache off. ‘Moustache.’ Moustache! Moustache! Thank you, Lord,
for saving my life. I wish to pamper you. Pay me a visit someday. ‘Genie..’ I cast the spell..
Protect me! I seek apology, ma’am! Ma’am, you may thrash
me if you want to. You may well
eat up all my Samosas. But please don’t
trap me inside a lamp again. I feel so scared in there.
It is pitch-dark! W-Where is the
woman you are talking to? Right here..
You are the one to dream of
ruling over the whole world. The gentlewoman I know..
The mistress. ‘Genie..’ – I-I..
Do I look like a woman to you? S-So, you are not her! So, you are not a ghost! Then who are you? I-I am Aladdin. I-I am sure you have
heard the name before. It is pleasure meeting you,
Aladdin, the name heard before. My name is Aladdin.
You need not add that phrase. I always utter the full name. And so,
I will do the same for you. It is pleasure meeting you,
Aladdin, the name heard before. B-But my name is just Aladdin. I see.. Now I get it. Your name is Just Aladdin,
the name heard before. No! My name is just.. My name is just Aladdin.
Not another word attached. I see! Now I get it! So, your name is Just Aladdin,
the name heard before Not another word attached. You may call me
whatever you want to. Why would I do that, dear? I will call
you by your name. Just Aladdin,
the name heard before not another word attached. But what is your name?
– You may call me Hasan-Ul-Rahman-Bin-Tughlaq. Where are my legs? Where are my legs? But you were
just gliding in the air. Why do you need legs? I was gliding.. Oh, God! What is all this? I always serve
justice to people. You have already
been punished. You may leave now. Thank you, Lord.
– What! Thank me when you get a promotion. A promotion! Come. You have served
the king all your life. I will promote you today and send you to the
heavens to serve the Lord. ‘Aladdin will be here
with the lamp soon.’ ‘And my dreams
will all be fulfilled.’ Why are you crying? I miss my legs. How will lovely
women compliment me for having beautiful legs now? They used to
praise them so much! How.. When I visit India how will the children
touch my feet? And..
God knows why I am flying now! ‘What do I need to steal?
– A lamp!’ Now I know why he had
sent me to get this lamp. He is not a ghost but a djinn. You are a djinn! No! I want to
become a human being! I want my legs back! Tell me that
all this is a lie. ‘I had heard from mother
that djinns are very strong’ ‘dangerous and are
masters at casting spells.’ ‘But he is
unbecoming of a djinn.’ You are a djinn! You can guide me
out of this cave. Are we inside a cave? We are trapped in a cave! I am suffocating! Caves house lions and bears.
Save me.. I am scared..
– Hey! How can I help you? You are the djinn. You are the one
to know magical tricks. Come on, perform a trick now.
Get up. Yes.. – ‘Genie..’ I am a djinn. I know some tricks, if not all. Step back and watch my magic! Here comes the
groom well-dressed. Let us escape and we’re blessed! Why does it not have an effect? I will face
embarrassment in front of him. Yes! Let me try doing it again! Here comes the
groom well-dressed. Let us escape
and we’re blessed! It is a flop once again! I have lost my legs and now,
I will lose my pride. ‘Genie..’ I am trying so hard
and you are resting! Let me give it another try.
– No! No.. Wait..
– What happened? Try your magic on me,
not on the cave wall. What are you saying? You may well die if I do that. You are not in control
of the magic you perform. It affects me when
the target is the cave. So, you may try it
on me and there are chances that it will have
an effect on the cave. Do as I say. ‘Genie..’ Look, I don’t want to but I think
I must do as you say. Let us escape.. Here comes the
groom well-dressed. It didn’t have
an effect again! Yes, it has lost its power. ‘It seems,
there’s no way out.’ He was a stranger. ‘My mother has
taught me that one must never’ ‘desert a person
in the face of danger.’ I don’t know why I feel that he was my own. He was taking his
mother’s name time and again. ‘At times,
we need to risk our lives.’ ‘And for me, my
mother’s happiness matters more’ ‘than my life.’ Oh, God.. Give his mother the
strength to bear the loss. He left the
world at an young age. ‘Please pray so
that I achieve success.’ You are my hope as well as my dream, Aladdin. No.. One must
never let dreams fade away. Please come back to me now. I swear on God, Ruksaar. One may leave the
house without much difficulty but coming
back is no easy task. I just hope
he is safe and sound. Sister-in-law! I apologise, Ruksaar. I cannot help
but think that way. Mother!
When will brother be back? That’s what has
got us all worried, dear. The world is very vile and outside Baghdad,
out in the deserts there is no dearth of dangers. Snakes, scorpions.. Witches, ghosts, spirits and God knows what all! I swear on God I must not say this but I feel so apprehensive! The Almighty is with him. He will come back,
safe and sound. I hope he doesn’t meet the same fate as his father. He will never
do that to his mother. Right, Ruksaar? Please let us know if you get to know of anything. And if you need
something, no matter when do let me know, Ruksaar. Let’s go. ‘Where are you, Aladdin?’ Come back to me soon. ‘It seems,
this is where his journey ends.’ ‘Aladdin..’ ‘Aladdin..’ ‘Hey!’ Were you crying for me? You have lost it, boy! Yes, you were.
Don’t hide it from me. Let me see you cry. How did you manage to come out? He got me out.
– Who? ‘Genie..’ ‘Genie..’ ‘Genie..’
– So, the legend of a djinn trapped in a lamp is true!

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    note : i’m sorry if any spelling is wrong and forgive me if you’re having trouble reading this comment 😅 cuz i’m not indian and neither English is my first language. Though I wanted to write it in English but every time i do it, i don’t get much likes so yeah….HAHA😅😅like my comment!

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