Aladdin – Ep 91 – Full Episode – 20th December, 2018

Now, I will distribute
these envelopes according to everybody’s names. The ones I name will
come over here. All right? The first name is.. Salim. Over there. Mumtaz Khan. Gulbadan. Gulbadan! Lord! Thank you so much, Lord. I will forever
be indebted to you! You have raised the prestige
of the palace by giving me a job in here. Lord, I heard
that it is very hot in Kabul. Silence! You immature man! You talk too much! Go there! It is only you
who I talk to with respect. I scold the others. Who laughed? Who laughed? Tell me your name! ‘Now, just watch.
I will not let you go inside.’ ‘Go, get lost!’ ‘Let me go..
– No, go away! Get out of here!’ ‘He must be the one.’ ‘This is the fatso
who troubled me in the mines.’ ‘I will teach him a lesson
right now.’ You find it very funny,
do you not? Just wait, I will cancel
your appointment right now. Tell me your name!
– O-Oh, my goodness! I am doomed!
Lord, I do not have a name. I am an anonymous person.
I do not have a name. I do not have an identity.
– Stop your nonsense and tell me your name.
– Lord, his is Sheikh Genie. Why, you darned fool! Lord.. I know why you
want to punish me. But, Lord, please pardon me
by considering my actions for the first and the last time. Yes, Lord. He will never make
such a mistake again. Whatever he did
was out of his childishness. Please pardon him..
– Please pardon me. All right. Sheikh Genie. Come and take your envelope. Thank you, Lord! Fayyad Munazir. Shoaib Ali Khan. Rafique Ahmed. Now only two envelopes
are remaining. Aladdin and Alauddin. ‘Help me, dear God!’ ‘If I do not get a job
in the palace’ ‘then I will not be able to know
the truth about my father.’ ‘Then people will keep mocking
my mother.’ ‘My mother’s prestige
is in Your hands now.’ ‘In Your hands, dear God!’ The name of the person
to go the Kabul office is.. Oh, my goodness!
My job! ‘My brother, Mustafa!’ I must say, Ruksaar! There is a limit
to slacking out! What happened, Sister-in-law?
Why are you shouting? What do you expect me to do? None of the chores
in the house is complete and you are roaming around with the picture
of your ominous husband! On top of that my useless husband
almost got himself killed! I have become half-dead!
– Always do everything half way. Because of me?
But.. But what did I do? Do you not know? The messenger of death
was going to take me away! Thank God that this witch..
No.. What I mean is.. Naazneen was present there. The angels took to their heels
when they saw her. My life got saved
because of Naazneen. But because of you,
my leg got fractured. If anything has happened
because of me by mistake t-then I apologise.
– Nonsense! Snake!
– S-Snake.. Snake!
– Where is the snake? Where is the snake?
– Snake.. – Where is it? Hey, move aside. Don’t look for it
on the ground, Brother-in-law. The snake is in your heart. And the poison
is in your intentions. Is your leg fine now,
Brother-in-law? My leg.. Hey, I’m fine.. It’s a miracle, everyone!
It’s a great miracle! I’m absolutely fine! This has to be fixed here.
Will you do it? ‘Don’t be so happy,
Ruksaar.’ ‘You think you’re very smart.’ ‘I will teach you a lesson
right away.’ We’re doomed,
our lives are ruined! Ruksaar has ruined us! Hey, Naazneen, what happened? Hey,
what did this woman do now? What should I say? She ruined us
and now she has come here to fix her wretched husband’s
photo. Oh, God! She showed me her
wretched husband’s photo, too! Her life is ruined and now
she has ruined our lives, too. People lose their hair,
their reputation. I lost my reward! After working day and night
at the oil mill the reward that we got
is flying in the air! My brother’s job
has drowned in water. Hey, give it to me! Even after drowning in water,
the envelopes are fine. Lord.. Whose name is written
in this letter? ‘Oh, God! The names written
on these letter are erased’ ‘but the job has to be done.’ The red envelope is yours. What!
– He lost it! The white one is yours. Princess, it’s you.. What happened?
Is everything all right? Y-Yes, Officer Akbar. Okay, fine. Officer Akbar.
– Yes? Have you distributed
all the envelopes related to the jobs
in the palace? Yes, Princess.
I have distributed all of them. What about the red envelope
which was supposed to be sent to the office in Kabul? Yes, Princess. I have sent
the red envelope as well. That labourer was very happy to get the job
in the office of Kabul. In Kabul. All right. I shall take your leave,
Princess. You are right. I fractured my leg
in the mishap at the oil well. Well, I mean,
there was no blood. But the bone inside
has broken a bit. The blood will come out
only if he has some. But whatever she did
after that.. Move aside! I requested her to give me
the rent amount as I needed to take
him to the doctor but don’t even ask
what she did! She said, ‘Get out of here.
Who are you?’ She cursed and ill-treated us. Moreover, do you know
what else she said? ‘Naazneen,
do you know who I am?’ ‘I’m Omar’s wife
and I don’t pay rent.’ You see, the time
has changed for worse. Look how a traitor’s wife
is behaving in the society. Her husband betrayed the kingdom
and became a fugitive. But he left her behind
to torment us. I swear if someone else were
to be in Ruksaar’s shoes they would’ve left Baghdad
out of shame. But take a good look at her. She’s strolling in the market
shamelessly. Well.. – Sister-in-law! – She’s
repairing the traitor’s photo. Friends,
do you know what I think? This painting is the root cause
of the problem. I’m sure Ruksaar
took this painting with her yesterday. ‘It’s you!’ ‘I can’t leave you behind.’ ‘Look,
you’re a friend of mine.’ ‘A true friend will never
abandon his friends.’ ‘We got out alive..’ ‘The fire has been
extinguished.’ You!
– You! You.. – You know,
I called for you so many times but you didn’t turn back at all. Listen carefully, Masked Thief. You better stop playing
games with me. You appear from nowhere
and disappear suddenly. Why do you do this? Are you out of your mind?
Why are you blabbering? And what are you doing
in the palace? Are you trying to steal
something from the palace? Why do you care? Well, I know
that you’re not real. Stop questioning me
and get out of here. Hey, are you suffering
from fever or something? Perhaps, you have eaten
too much food at once. Look, if you are telling
the truth, let me alert you. I will not let you steal
from Princess Yasmine. I know it’s not so easy
to kick you out of my dream. Masked Thief, I’m going
to open my eyes now. Get out of here.
I’m going to open my eyes. What are you doing?
– Why did you do that for? You’re still here. Oh, my God!
– You are real! What are you doing here? You were in my dream, right?
How come you’re here then? You were.. You.. Come on, relax. Please don’t make
my head explode. You’re not dreaming.. I’ll tell you
why I’m here, okay? I got a job in the palace! I’m delighted! I have to thank God for sending you to me
to share my happiness. Take a look at this. ‘I’ll never let you work
in the palace, Masked Thief.’ White letter.. So, you got a job in the palace. Why is the letter wet? You know Officer Akbar,
right? He’s quite tall. He was holding
the last two letters in his hand and they flew away
due to gust of wind. They landed in water,
you see. He almost handed me
the red letter. I was in a state of shock. Do you know
what happened then? He almost handed me
the red letter. I was in a state of shock. ‘The red envelope is yours.’ ‘And this white one is yours.’ ‘Wait!’ ‘This is not yours.’ ‘It is yours.’ ‘And the white one is yours.’ ‘That’s wonderful!’ ‘Kabul!’ But, I am very happy,
that I got a job in the palace. O, God! That was very nice. Thank God,
you didn’t go to Kabul. If I would have gone to Kabul
I would have come back. There people say, it’s Kabul!
It’s Kabul! I would say, it’s Baghdad!
It’s Baghdad! But, how did you know
that the job in Kabul was in the red envelope? And you.. Hey! Get up. What are you doing
in the palace? If one shuts their eyes
in front of the sun it doesn’t become dark. And neither does a lie
become the truth. The whole of Baghdad may say
wrong things about my husband but the truth doesn’t change that my husband is innocent. The truth won’t change that
he didn’t deceive anyone. You will say that, Ruksaar because your name is
linked with this traitor. We have made a
decision and it’s done. This deceitful man’s picture
will not be in Baghdad. Yes, this will not be!
– It will not. No! This picture is a
token of my husband. I’ve gained strength seeing this
picture since so many years. Sister-in-law, this picture
is the light in my darkness. But if you all are
having so much trouble then fine.. I promise.. From today onwards,
I will only look at this picture when it is proved that
my husband is innocent. When it will be proved
that he is not a traitor. Because that is the truth. That is the truth. ‘Seeing Ruksaar
in this condition’ ‘a fire has exploded
in my heart.’ ‘And it will be extinguished
when I will ‘prove that I am not a traitor.’

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  1. Yo man at least there should be a limit to abuse someone at least the people who r saying bad things the should remember that the man they r saying about did something to them

  2. When will ruksar meet him and when will alladin know that nakchadi is the Princess????? This is frustrating but amazing at the same time.

  3. अलादिन ने ये कभी नही सोचाकी वो सडकका काला चोर और वो कहा महलकी शहजादी।अलादिन नादान है ठीक है।लेकिन अलादिनकी माको तो बता ना चाहियेना बडा सपना नही देख्ना चाहिये।

  4. I love this show. This drama is awesome. I love how the story is unfolding. Every min of this show is so intense. I love it. Big up the writers, producers, actors and sexy main character Aladdin. Thank u all for English subtitles. Much appreciated.

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