Alex Rodriguez Reacts to 1998 Footage of Him Declaring Jennifer Lopez His Dream Date

-Last time you were here,
I made you tell me all about your elaborate
proposal to J.Lo. And everyone — it was so funny.
‘Cause, dude — I mean, he practiced it with his
assistant the night before. -Ashley —
[ Laughter ] -You knew exactly what time
the sun was setting. It was awesome. Now I want to know
wedding planning. Is this worse,
or is it more fun or what? I mean, are you planning it?
Are you working on it? -I would say it’s stressful,
but it’s really not. It’s actually — You just let
Jennifer plan everything, and you just say, “All right.” [ Laughter ]
-Yeah. Exactly right. But the tricky —
the thing that everyone’s gonna ask you is,
are you gonna do a choreographed first dance? -Ooh.
-Yeah. It’s J.Lo.
-Mm, anything to do with dance, I kind of just
try to take a back seat. She’s a professional dancer. -I know. I know.
-But I told you last time, when I have a few cocktails,
I’m not awful. -Okay.
[ Laughter ] -A little vodka, little soda,
I’m okay. -Okay. So maybe we can see
you work something out. Have you picked the venue yet?
-No, not yet. -I have a good idea.
-Tell me. -The Super Bowl.
[ Laughter ] She’s doing the halftime show.
-She is? [ Cheers and applause ] -Everyone would love it. It’d be the first time
anyone’s ever done it. It’s like
100 million people watching. No one’s ever done it — a wedding during
the Super Bowl halftime show. It would just be epic.
Come on. -100 million people? We’re trying to think
a little bit smaller. -No.
-More like 100 people, maybe. -Yeah. If you do that,
then you don’t have to worry about not inviting people.
-That’s right. I can probably save some money. -Exactly. Right?
-NFL, Fox, they all pay for it. -We found a —
I found a video, an old video of you,
an interview that you gave. And I just
want to show it tonight ’cause I thought
it was pretty — This is from 1998, I believe.
Here’s Alex Rodriguez. -What would a dream date
with Alex Rodriguez be? -Jennifer Lopez. Hopefully you can find me
a date with her. [ Cheers and applause ] -Dude, not only —
[ Cheers and applause ] -That means that dreams actually
do come true in America. [ Laughter ]
-Yeah. Not only did you date her,
you’re marrying her. -But, Jimmy,
it took me 20 years. And by the way, the swagger with
the hat backwards and the gum? I mean,
you got to be young to be… [ Laughter ] …that cocky
and that confident. -[ Laughs ]
-You got to be young. -No.
-Young and stupid. -No, no.
Absolutely not. That’s so cool.
I love that. Not only that, you have
the big wedding coming up. But also you have a —
an anniversary. It’s been 10 years
since you won the World Series with the New York Yankees.
-That’s right. -The anniversary.
[ Cheers and applause ] It was amazing. -It was the best time
of my life. -Here’s a picture of you —
you guys celebrating. That is unbelievable. That was so great.
-That was great. [ Cheers and applause ] -What a great team. You also —
There’s sneakers that they released commemorating
the World Series. -Yeah.
-The 10 years. -10-year anniversary,
I got out the corps. And I always wanted
a sneaker with kind of a little bit of a championship
twist on it. 10 years.
And Charles Barkley, growing up, always had these little clicks. So I wanted to incorporate
that into my sneakers. So, 10 years,
anniversary, the corps. Pretty cool.
-Yeah, that’s right. I like those.
[ Cheers and applause ] What about this —
What about this World Series? Do you have any stories
that you remember from the World Series, 2009? -You know, Jimmy, I remember you
coming to the games back then. And it was —
it was such an amazing time. Because winning a championship
in New York, there’s really nothing like it. You can’t really
even describe it. But, you know, I think
one of the big keys was, when Johnny Damon came over from
the Red Sox to join the Yankees, he was, like, the perfect sauce
for our team. I remember he was begging me to go out all year to go out
to karaoke in Koreatown. -Really?
-And I said, “Well, you know, not during the season.
Maybe in the off-season.” Anyways, he finally convinced me
after we beat the Angels in the ALCS
right before the World Series. We had about four games. Well, we went out,
and we got bombed. We got bombed.
[ Light laughter ] And we came out,
and the sun was out. We went in Koreatown. I think we came out
of Dominican town. [ Laughter ] And I was like, “Where are we?” So, literally, we lose game 5. We’re going back to New York. Now we’re in the World Series
a week later. And he’s like,
“We just lost the game.” Press is all over us. Game 6, we need one more
for the championship.” He goes, “Hey, Rod,”
in the locker room. “Let’s go get bombed again
in karaoke.” I said, “Are you crazy?!
We play tomorrow. We have Andy Pettitte
on the mound. We got to get our sleep.” He goes, “Oh, you’re so stiff.
I’m gonna go to Koreatown. I’m gonna get drunk. And we’re gonna win
the championship.” -No.
Really? -That’s exactly what happened
the next day. [ Laughter ] We won the championship.
-That’s — So you were loose?
-Yeah, yeah. -So you’re just, like, loose,
and like, “Hey.” “What’s gonna happen’s
gonna happen, right?” -That’s exactly right
and not overthinking it. That what’s John —
Johnny Damon just brought an element of confidence
and swagger… -I love that.
-…and just not overthink it. And he was perfect.

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  1. Alo saludos. Veinti. Cinco millones o billones. O trillones. O y veinti cinco. Euros si. Tengo si. Dólares si. Yen si pesos si. Otro combian. Si yo fuera que ticke ya te. Lo. Casco. Yo. Pom.pom pom. Grc saludos o

  2. First Jason Momoa with Lisa Bonet and now ARod with JLo is so awesome? that got me thinking what do I have to do to be with Chris Evans? ??

  3. Awesome… Jlo was already in his subconscious… His Dream Date… Come true… Amazing n So Beautiful… God them both!!

  4. Soooo this is why they’re dating.. Jlo is so beautiful. I love her makeup and she put in a lot of hard work to get to where she is now, but she seems to fall in love easily. They’re planning a wedding too???? Everything is happening so fast. I never wish bad on anyone but based off the events in this relationship it’s not going to last either just like Mark Anthony’s . I expected more now that she has children. then again if you look like her, and have a body like she does you can get anything you want. Not saying she’s dumb either because she works very hard, but the whole situation here is just … idk..? Hopefully I’m wrong about it.

  5. This 2 truly deserve each other, 2 hoes they both been around the block several times, it won't last long give them 2 years and they will split, both once a cheater hoe always a cheater hoe.

  6. Oh damn well he was a little cutie back in the day! Still handsome now but that young mischief in his eyes was something else

  7. ??‍♂️…sigh. A-Rod rolls out the red carpet and gets on “one knee” for a used up old thot. Blue pill mindset.

  8. I mean that's pretty insane that he said that as a kid and hes literally marrying the girl…. and it's not like shes just the girl next door shes a celebrity! That's crazy that he managed to make that happen in his life.

  9. I don’t understand all the rude and superficial comments ?. He was really a great guest and I love the fact that he was looking at Jimmy AND the audience, that was so considerate of him! A lot of guests just look at the host and blabla about themselves. He spoke about how another player was so great instead of being egotistical and you’re all talking about his voice, which clearly seems strained…GET A LIFE and appreciate people for what they do and who they are!!!! So many are complaining about bullies when they should be looking in the mirror first.?

  10. If you dream it, you can achieve it…

    25 years ago, when I was young and single, I lived in a small town of 6500. About once or twice a year, I would pass through a suburb on the way to the city. I always thought it would be a great place to live, beautiful homes and subdivisions similar to the one I grew up in, lots of job opportunities. And I loved that it was a military community. Well, 5 years ago I married a great man, retired military, who just so happened to live in a home similar to what I had grew up in and in a beautiful suburb. I also found a wonderful job that has a very low turn over rate.

    Think positive and never give up!

  11. soooo it has worked for Jason Momoa, Sophia Vergara's husband and now Alex Rodriguez? hmmmmm i need to speak some things too lol

  12. Russell Wilson said the same about Ciara before she became his wife.
    My husband said the same about me when in high school!

  13. Damn thjs poor guy. I thought he was big time famous. Now he's known as being jlos handler lol. Everywhere he goes they ask him about jlo. Wow. Just like when JT dated britney. They didn't care about asking him nsync questions it was all about Britney. Lol.
    Those poor men. ????

  14. Damn young Alex was now he bloated and ugly. His wife was Lucky she had him at his prime. Jlo getting the old version. Ew. ???

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