Alfie Brown on a sexy 14 year old

I said to my Mum, “Mum, have you seen Matilda, in Louis’ year?” and she went “yeah” and I went “She is incredibly sexy.” and my Mum said “That’s disgusting you can’t say that.” and I said “Mum listen to me… there is no way that I would ever fuck a fourteen-year-old, there is no way that I would ever ever do that, that’s something that I would never do, I would never fuck a fourteen year old but that of course does not mean, I wouldn’t absolutely love to.” of course you can want to of course – that’s why the law exists you can go up to a policeman with a handful of shit, and say, “Morning Officer” *NOM NOM NOM* There’s no law against it because nobody wants to do it. Also age of consent in Germany is 14, Spain is 14, Portugal is 14. I think it’s something like that in Japan and some parts of Scandinavia Italy is 14, obviously. Some parts of the world, it’s just when you become pubic. although I have no idea how you police that You’re going away sorry mate. No! Absolutely not on. … disgusting. So uh, like, I don’t know. Dude, do you reckon if I asked you a question you could answer for me, would that be ok? just like morally, whatever you think is cool, whatever comes into your head I respect, and thank you for playing You cool with this? Would you rather … have sex with an 18 year old who looked 14, or a 14 year old who looked 18? *replies* 18 year old who looked 14 that’s disgusting Fun innit? Because you can do that either way, although nobody ever says 14 year old who looked 18 because why would you want that? it’s just completely mad isn’t anyway it doesn’t, there’s no right or wrong thing, obviously To paraphrase Stalin ‘they’re both worse’ Madagascar; the age of consent is 21 and actually there’s a comedian in Madagascar at the moment who’s got a very room-splitting bit of material about a sexy 19 year old

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  1. I can think of 2 sex workers that look like children, and there's probably more, so the question doesn't have to be entirely hypothetical!

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