Always #LikeAGirl

[Female Director]
Hi Erin! Hi! [Director]
Okay, so I’m just going to just give you some actions to do, and just do the first thing that comes to mind. Show me what it looks like to “Run like a girl.” My hair, Oh God… Show me what it looks like to fight like a girl. Now throw like a girl. Awww… My name is Dakota, and I’m ten years old. [Director]
Show me what it looks like to run like a girl. Throw like a girl. Fight like a girl. What does it mean to you when I say run like a girl? It means run as fast as you can. So do you think you just insulted your sister? No, I mean, yeah… insulted girls, but not my sister. Is “Like A Girl” a good thing? I actually don’t know what it really… if it’s a bad thing or a good thing. It sounds like a bad thing. It sounds like you’re trying to humiliate someone. So when they’re in that vulnerable time, between ten and twelve… how do you think it affects them when somebody uses “like a girl” as an insult? I think it definitely drops their self-confidence. and really puts them down, because during that time they’re already trying to figure themselves out. And when somebody says, “You hit like a girl” it’s like… Well, what does that mean? Cause they think they’re a strong person. It’s kind of like telling them that they’re weak, and they’re not as good as them. And what advice do you have to young girls who are told they run like a girl, kick like a girl… hit like a girl…swim like a girl…. Keep doing it, cause it’s working. If somebody else says that running like a girl, or kicking like a girl, or shooting like a girl…. is something that you shouldn’t be doing, that’s their problem. because if you’re still scoring, and you’re still getting to the ball in time, and you’re still being first You’re doing it right. It doesn’t matter what they say. I mean, yes! I kick like a girl, and I swim like a girl, and I walk like a girl, and I wake up in the morning like a girl… Because I am a girl. And that is not something that I should be ashamed of, so I’m going to do it anyway. That’s what they should do. [Director]
If I asked you to run like a girl now would you do it differently? I would run like myself. Would you like a chance to redo it? Yeah. Why can’t “run like a girl” also mean win the race?

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  1. Doing something like a girl is only an insult to boys, it is only used in situations where physical strength and speed is the subject.
    Since females genetically have less muscle mass and is from nature not build for hunting, the female body is less useful for that.
    So if a boy is demonstrating less strength or speed then expected for a male, it is said that he is doing it like a girl.

  2. It's called like a girl because most of the things it's used in, girls are worse, not all but most, just biology

  3. What about when girls say to each other “you have a hair like a man” or “you walk like a man” or “you talk like a man” or “you dance like a man”…

    Will you say that the EXACTLY SAME “INSULT” does not exist on the opositor gender?

    Well…….. if you do, you wrong.

  4. What about when girls say to each other “you have a hair like a man” or “you walk like a man” or “you talk like a man” or “you dance like a man”…

    Will you say that the EXACTLY SAME “INSULT” does not exist on the opositor gender?

    Well…….. if you do, you wrong.

  5. Have "always" write a script for these People. I've never heard someone say that girls are bad on the things except for in this video.

    Sorry for my bad English

  6. SJWarriors GONE BAD!!! ……liberals think if they make it out to be BAD!!! ….why not do it like 'RUN like a TRANSSEXUAL?'….. totally absurd and trump'd up like it being ok use the 'N' word as an insult! GROW UP!!! …..stop trying make out like our past was BAD…. and our Future is GREAT….. if we just all become WOKE…. SJWS!!!

  7. Alright. This movement is getting extremely ridiculous! WATCH ANY MEN'S PROFESSIONAL SPORTS TEAMS AND THEN WATCH ANY WOMEN'S PROFESSIONAL SPORTS TEAMS. Are we just forgetting that men and women are different?

  8. Its only an insult between guys though, right?

    If a bunch of girls throw like a girl to a bunch of other girls – then what would it matter?

  9. I hate it when people say I can't hit you because your a girl or you can't do that because you are a girl. It's stupid. How does being a girl make us any different to the men. Why does 'you do (insert thing) like a girl' seen as a negative thing? Us girls are the same. Why are we seen as weaker and less capable then men? It may of been exceptable to say we can't do stuff because we are a girl in the past but the world has moved on and changed, that is no longer exceptable. People need to stop using like a girl as a negative thing.

  10. I personally believe that, although boys are scientifically proven to be physically stronger then girls, we are the strongest of them all. In the past we’ve had to go through situations such as; getting a right to vote, getting a right to be able to work. Although I’m only young, I understand that this is hard, females might not be as strong as males, but we are most certainly mentally stronger after all the sexism and disrespect we have gone through throughout the generations. Also, men have ZERO idea how painful it is to have to carry a child, give birth to a child, and to do all the additional stuff that men can’t do when the child is born! I know that I have no experience of this yet, but I will one day, and frankly I’m excited, because going through all that will eventually turn me into a stronger, and prouder person than I am now.

    Don’t fall into the trap, just be the real u and don’t go off TV shows, u don’t have to set that image, u are who u are, and who u are is beautiful, if u want to be a fire fighter, BE ONE, if u want to play AFL or soccer, PLAY IT. Don’t let anything bring the wonderful, girly, sporty, funny, crazy, and strong u down!!?????????

  11. There’s a reason “like a girl” exists. There’s nothing wrong with it. Throwing a ball, throwing a punch, and running are prime examples. Boys perform these movements pretty much every day since they can walk. Girls do not (on the whole). As such, girls don’t have the skill yet and will look uncoordinated when performing these tasks. Just as a first time male golfer looks pretty uncoordinated. Same thing.

  12. I've ask my two little brothers what they think of when I say to them "You run/throw/… like a girl" My 8 Year old brothers said he would be proude of being called that, that he does things like a girl 'cause he thinks girls are so powerful. But on the other hand my 12 year old brother said he doesn't want to be called like that because it means that he is weak.

  13. I think it would only be or meant to be an insult if it were said to a male because females are physically weaker than males,by nature-that's where the "like a girl" phrase originally stems from,which, inadvertently garnered negative meaning over time,with many using it as an insult to males which females took to applying to themselves as an insult…I think context, here, is important.

  14. I’m sorry to say it girls but men are stronger you can even study it in biology and most of the time men are the people that have to work a lot more then women so that is why they don’t get payed as great as men.

  15. Always is owned by Procter and Gamble, an unethical and rapacious multinational that exploits child labor and promotes rain-forest destruction. They have complete contempt for men (see Gillette ad), but have no problem sucking up to women, who still buy their products despite these serious ethical issues. Please ladies, practice ethical consumerism and boycott this divisive, insincere and unscrupulous corporation.

  16. Fastest, strongest, best arm, best vertical jump, best fighter, are all men. LMAO. Its biology. Women are naturally and scientifically weaker. Its a fact. Libtards only listen to science when i helps there agenda.

  17. Girls are slower and are weaker then men, so yeah, they kind of have a point , that's why men and women in sports don't compete together

    It's insult to boys not girls tbh
    And it is something everyone says too, if it bothers you prove them wrong if you think you can

  18. sure lets turn it around act like a boy, act like a man, act like a girl, act like a lady. boy is the only one here thats negative. the fact is that most girls throw like girls unless they learn how to throw like a pro.

  19. Really, you want to keep girls' confidence high with this dumb ad? 'Like a girl' is used to "insult" guys, due to humans being a sexually dymorphic species i.e. the average male is larger, stronger, faster and more intelligent the the average female. Weak, slow and dumb males are simply not tolerated by society, whereas females are tolerated for their reproductive capabilities. The irony is that I mostly heard adult women telling young boys 'like a girl', probably so they'll improve and meet the male standard.

  20. My question is, why is this a bad thing? These people correctly associate women with being prissy, feminine, "soft," but aren't those qualities what make us us? Clearly, the only people who view this as problematic are the ones who have an issue with femininity; who see it as inferior to masculinity. As a girl, I take great offense to that. I shouldn't HAVE to be "tough" or "strong" to have worth! Stop telling me there's something wrong with me being weak and soft. Those traits are NOT inferior to traits more commonly seen in men, and if you say otherwise, YOU are the sexist.

    Btw, from a purely physical aspect, men are stronger than women. It's just a fact. That's where the "like a girl" jokes come in. It isn't meant to say that females are overall inferior to males, just that when it comes to more physical activities we tend to lag behind, which is how nature designed us, and which is perfectly FINE. There are some areas in which we surpass men, so it all evens out.

  21. No company stands on the moral grounds to point out evil on the society especially one that has slaves working for them……

  22. Take it like a man, man up, stop mansplaining, did you have a man-look, and man-flu – men too are faced with the same issue.

  23. men like women for how they are. it's women how are creating the straw man unless you live in a Calphite. educate yourself, stop being a victim and make real change.

  24. I don't know how people are even talking about strength here, specially from where this conversation began.
    Anyways just to state, yes testosterone does give males a physical advantage but strength isn't always just physical. And in the same studies that have been so talked about here, women are mentally stonger.
    And for the athletics part, female athletes coz of the gender biased expectations always expected to compete at a lower level. It is the quality of our mind to push our bodies only till the required level.
    Also female bodies do not lack testosterone. So it isn't like a boon given to men.

  25. I think the point of the advert is that girls don't run like Quentin Crisp on acid. Girls run just like men but at a slower pace. It's a stupid advert really because even women themselves call out heterosexual men for being "a girl" sometimes

  26. Personally speaking, I think any time a company mixes social awareness with marketing it doesn't seem to go the greatest. cough "Gilette"

  27. But really? Like a girl is a joke for me. Every guy says it and well, we all know what we’re capable of. Girls and boys are equal, and I love saying “you dance like a girl!” to the guy that dances pretty well. To be like a girl doesn't mean anything to me though. Maybe cause I’m a girl myself.
    And I am tough. I'm not here to go off like "I can break your bones!1!1!1!" Cause we all know I can’t, yet.

  28. If you RUN like a girl you won’t be the faster runner. If you kick or punch like a girl your power and force won’t HIT like a man. Run like a man and win the race.

  29. Being a girl= not having testicles = less testosterone = less muscle= less strength/ speed on average. Basic science says females are weaker on average. Deny it and you’re a bit stupid

  30. I’m a girl. Therefore, I run like a girl. What’s the big deal? I think it was funny to see guys imitating how girls run ?

  31. I hate it when boys hit me and the all my friends which are girls or the boy's friends say 'never hit a girl' I just scream at the boy to hit me again because boys and girls should be treated the same and we are all strong

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