American Historical Liverpool Pottery Jug, ca. 1804 | Omaha Hr 3 Preview

GUEST: It was given to my grandfather in 1949
by a friend of the family. I have a letter from that friend of the family also that she
explained that it was given to her mother 83 years prior to that. And that’s really
as much as I know. APPRAISER: The transfer prints are a magenta
color, which is very interesting and very unusual, though they’re also very popular.
The jug has a fabulous transfer on this side with emblems of freemasonry and there’s so
many emblems that it’s hard to be specific, but you have these wonderful designs on either
side. The jug is in a pearlware glaze. Now, pearlware is the bluish tinge that this has,
and you can see on the rim there, you see little puddling. And if the puddling is blue,
it’s called pearlware. If the puddling is yellowish, it’s called creamware. These were
two different glazes that were put over this earthenware body. And I’m pretty sure this
jug was done at what’s called the Herculaneum Factory. Herculaneum was known for doing these
wonderful transfer prints on these nice early jugs, and they were in the Liverpool area
in England. What we have under the spout is really what makes the jug what it is. This
wonderful American eagle and this inscription that surrounds the eagle, but with the date
“1804” below it, and the name “Jefferson” to the right-hand side. Do you have any idea
why 1804 and Jefferson? GUEST: Well, I know that’s the second time
he was elected president. APPRAISER: Exactly. So that was for the election
year, and it really dates the jug. The value changes dramatically when you talk about historically
important jugs, and American historical jugs have an added importance. If these just had
the Masonic emblems on either side, we’d be looking at more of a decorative jug. In that
case, the jug without the emblem on the front, its value would be in the range at auction
of perhaps $400 to $600. This jug dates to 1804. It’s an American historical jug, amazing
condition. I mean, this is as nice a condition as you’d ever want to find a jug of this age. GUEST: Thank you. APPRAISER: In a well-advertised auction where
you have Americana collectors, people collecting American commemoratives, I would expect it
to sell in the range of $2,000 to $4,000. GUEST: Really? Wow, that’s nice to learn.

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  1. I'm guessing the reason for that giant American emblem was there was growing anti-Freemasonry in the 1800s with accusations that they were unpatriotic.

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