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Alright hey guys Rob Davis One Blue Robot here with Xela Andrews Spaces In Bloom Designs i’m gonna tell you she wondered should i say something so I just made her say something I end up doing all the time but now we’re going to go in and she’s going to show us as an interior designer what she looks for where the the treasures were the cool stuff how do you kind of go past the stuff that’s what you really wouldn’t want the stuff you really want write that kind of the idea exactly we’re going to go in and tell you how cool this place it all right guys were short one of our video crews so we had to navigate the doors and just come on in but still my first impression is so here we are like well it’s not that I’m not sure what to expect you to show you my favorite boots the best areas and the awesome things you can find here a bunch of different booths each booth has a different owner so I love coming here because when you come here you’re supporting small businesses which i think is huge not to mention you’re going to find really cool things that you won’t find it teaching alright so this is actually somebody that I know this is my friend pages food and what I love about her booth is that she not only has super cool home decor but she also has fantastic clothing so Brandon living so some of the things here are brand-new some of the things are antiques that’s one really cool thing about this antique bone so this is pages booth she’s got really cool find this sign is actually made by a friend of mine she hand makes all these such as amazing things here old knew everything so we’re going to show you smart alright so what do we got here ok so this is one of my favorite boost and what I love about it so it’s jamin and dobbin creations and what I love about it is that he makes all of the things in this booth so they’re all made from old wood so there’s your old but he makes it all new again so what are you leaning up against their hey what do I have my hands on this is a really cool ladder so if you’ve seen in home decor a lot lately they are showing ladders that whole blankets it’s just a really cute way to to display your blankets and have them instead of being in a big pile they’re displayed in a store you would probably find this for about a hundred dollars okay and it now and how much is it and this is 32 bucks $32 so i love it because I’m supporting somebody who’s using their hands to make to make these things but it’s also a fan guess fantastic deal for me and for you with my client so this space i love because it’s really in that farmhouse kind of look and so she’s got some really rustic things in here that really can just accent of a space in a totally different way and i love that ok so even i thought these were kinda cool and kind of caught my attention but only because they were big and old looking right but you have a whole you saw something different this is this one thing in this booth right and what is that these are really neat so when decorating a lot of people want to change out their Mantle’s maybe you don’t even have a mantle your fireplace make a fireplace mantel could be something that goes underneath so you’ve got your mantle placed and you need something chunky to go underneath it to hold that up so we can get rustic piece of wood but then they go on top of this so it’s maybe you see it just sitting there but I kind of see something different so you see that right from an interior designers perspective these gyms and just pop out that’s really the thing is I don’t walk by and said yellows are cool but I wouldn’t that be on that right right awesome walking up to this booth I kind of see something that I think you guys would like so these are what I call Goebbels and so these and these are made in other countries usually but maybe this vendor make someone not sure but these filled with many different things on your table is amazing so you can build up plans you can fill it with beads you can fill it up with balls just a lot of different things and you place that on on a coffee table or on your dining table or on a counter space and it just brings in that little bit of thinking it’s just it just brings a little extra into your room and so it’s just those little details that we talked about before that I find and bring it right so we were just walking and walked up to this booth pretty sure this is a brand-new booth because i don’t remember seeing it before and it was it just caught my eye there are several things that got my number one so we were just talking about the these doubles and awesome i really like that but when you think well okay so your you-know-what so here’s the thing is that you’re making me look at things a little differently now right this is why we were just talking off-camera about how you know I could come into space like this and I’m lost I mean is there some cool there’s an album covers over here is kind of cool but for whatever reason when you pause and look at this this booth in particular you know the only thing that stood out to me was these and I thought that’s like it mark my words I’m thinking to myself she’s gonna pick these things up sure enough they’re awesome these are huge beads and and indigo and totally different and unique needs to go on a million things just like okay so right here this lamp k so one of the top 10 top five things for spring is adding color so gold is making a humongous come back so these and these gold lamps there’s two of them in this booth they’re amazing they’re big and they’re beautiful and there’s something I wouldn’t find at any store you know I wouldn’t find a hobby lobby or anything like that so their unique there’s something that when my client pussies in their bedroom they’re the only ones that had them i love that and $45 well they’re huge right down here with full of color blue and green are one of the biggest colors right now and this rug is just screaming but the anteroom ellos pero ellos can bring all much into your home just a little bit of comfort so this pillow it is $24 people this is coming home with me today it is great there’s totally full of different textures and you put this on a couch with some other pillows and it’s going to bring that warm cozy fill that you everyone wants in their home and your family room where you gather together you want that warm cozy look baskets of baskets are great because they hide things so you can put the center under little table or just on the side of a couch or whatever but look at all the different texture that you’re bringing this is a wicker you bring in the Rope all these things so it looks pretty but you’re hiding things to do so you’ve got to have function to the things that you’re putting into your home alright so we’re finishing up our Grand Tour and i’m guessing it probably looks like we’re at a store front here you are hey come by our stuff however that being said so here’s what I’ve learned she got me into this this antique mall and tell me if I’m wrong and what I feel like I’ve discovered here we come in here I first came in and I thinking wow there is a last-minute just looks like a giant garage the other overwhelming little overwhelming and then as we walked around based on the things that you’re talking about like things in the guide that we created you showed me these these Nuggets these treasures right that are in here you just have to spend the time have the I to find them right which is always what I mean someone’s going to hire you as an interior designer that’s what they want right here’s my personality you go find the amazing stuff so I see that now I kind of get that yeah so I don’t know that I would ever come back but that being said I can have full confidence that if she were my interior designer that this is what you’re doing and this is the stuff you’re gonna bring is going to fit exactly me right right there’s I’m coming to places like this there’s so much stuff so I feel like you know you said come here and spend hours I don’t come here and spend hours i kinda have maybe something in mind or I have a wall i’m working on or table that i want to set and so I know I kinda have an idea what I’m looking for and I come in and just breathe through finding Andrew spaces in bloom designs the the pinnacle interior designer again if you didn’t get at the beginning go two spaces and loom designs com right there in the top of the site you can download her 2017 spring top five trends which ties in a lot of stuff she talked about here you get that or you can actually just do it right on your phone if you have to be on your phone right now just text the word “spaces” to the phone number 44222 and follow the instructions you can download it right to your phone and be able to see all the stuff that she’s talking about so I don’t know what’s coming next I don’t know how much more would be out behind the camera but what else can I get Rob to do from you that’s that’s what it’s going to be will talk to you guys soon

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