Ancient Jewellery Techniques

Every year we offer new collection, every year we are innovative I love contemporary, I think we have a very rich culture and wonderful heritage that should be incorporated into pieces that can be marketed and sold internationally Part of our work also includes beautiful ancient techniques that have been lost, for example the ‘Filigree’, that is becoming extinct, not only in Egypt, but all over the world. The masters that do filigree have become very rare. I love the filigree technique, and I think it’s a shame to lose it or not to evolve, it’s a very simple but beautiful technique where you get 2 types of wire, twist them, then flatten them so that you have a very fine, thin element. You start cutting that, shaping that element and filling your space, just like lace. It gives the designer space to come up with beautiful creations. In my opinion, the ‘human touch or error’ element when creating a piece is what makes it special, I prefer to call it the ‘human print’ on each piece.

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  1. i dont think i realize how malleable metals really are, i wish this video contained more information on it, its a very satisfying process to watch i'm sure

  2. شكرا جزيلا لمشاركت هذه الفديو الرائع بلاضافه الى الموسيقى الرائعه 🌸🌸

  3. Despite not caring much about Arabic world, I gotta say that their inventions, art, and architecture were absolutely amazing!

  4. Cheap ass gold filled wire . It isn't cast or anything of quality. Wire art and it is lame and a rip off , Land of the rip off and con artist.

  5. Marvellous! In fact we should perpetuate such handicrafts and techniques. And this can only be achieved by learning those techniques at an early age.l'm a teacher and l'd like our schools to provide handicraft workshops to dig out and encourage youths' talents.

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  9. No one knows how they did this a thousand years ago. Even trying to replicate these techniques they are using modern day tools.

  10. i make ancient jewelry .has anyone else made jewelry and then they are told that its a original ancient Antiquities

  11. We have hand full of gold smiths doing these kind of hand made ornaments around our business place. So I don't find it new

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