Android Developer Story: Beelinguapp finds success with subscriptions

DAVID MONTIEL: I am David. I am from Mexico. I have been traveling
around a lot, and I have experienced different
things, met different people, and I still have
the feeling that I want to see many more things. I have been either teaching or
learning languages all my life. Of course, I need to find a way
in which I can travel and work at the same time. I was looking for
a way to consume written content
in which whenever I found the word that
I didn’t understand, I could easily
get it translated. My first instinct was that
this product already existed. I searched for it,
I didn’t find it. And then I realized, OK,
well, I’m a programmer. I’m just going to build it. Beelinguapp is a
language learning app with which you can read text
and listen to audio books in both the language you want to
learn and your native language. It has 13 languages
supported, and we are thinking of adding at least
two or three more this year. So you select the text
that you want to read, and let’s say you
want to learn English. COMPUTERIZED VOICE: Down on an
old farm lived a duck family. DAVID MONTIEL: And any time
I don’t understand something I can just look down and see the
same text in my native language to compare. So the business model I’m
building up at the moment is a freemium model. But most of the money
that comes from the app comes from subscriptions. Setting up subscriptions
with the GooglePlay Console is really, really simple. One of the biggest
benefits is that you allow the GooglePlay billing to
take care of all the payments. You get to see all of these very
detailed reports of how people are paying, who is paying,
where they are coming from, the conversion rates. You can see why they
cancelled, if they do, so that you can tweak
or change your products. The introductory
price, it really helps to get users
subscribe when they get the first time cheaper. Most stayed for the
second period of time, so it’s been a really,
really helpful tool. Having the GooglePlay
Console app is basically like having a
whole team in my backpack. It allows me to see
a lot of information. For example, how much money I
made the day before, how many installs I have,
how the reviews are. I get to see everything
in just one place and then, based on that, I
can make business decisions. Traveling really
opens your mind. Even if you have a plan,
every day is different. It’s very exciting. Traveling, building
a product, getting to know people, test the
product and see how it evolves, and being able to live off that. But at the same
time, helping people improve their life by
learning a new language.

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  1. I love this. It's an amazing app and I've already recommended it to many of my students and their parents who are learning English.

  2. This is an awesome app. I have used it myself to work on my Russian reading comprehension and it has definitely helped me a long way. Beelinguapp allows one to learn at one's own pace by using a very engaging approach. Definitely one of the best language-learning apps out there. Glad to see it got featured.

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