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[Music] hey there you two guys are hey daddy thanks sweetie how are you hey Tom I’m dr. Davis how’re you doing dr. Davis come on dr. Davis call me James call me Jimmy you’re my favorite son-in-law okay I’m sorry do better all right well hey let’s head into lab guys all right tom have a seat right there buddy all right so Tom after months of hard work we believe and I believe we finally have found the cure for cancer oh man that’s really exciting and it’s been telling me a lot about it but are you sure it’s gonna work absolutely what’s the carry interview system we should start seeing results I’ve been called minutes how does that sound that sounds awesome hey let’s get started ready Tom ready [Music] right now we just have to wait a few days [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Jesse no what do you want to just wait for all them to leave and then check if she’s okay I could be here for days we didn’t get out of here offensively saved one of them all maybe she got a ways hang somewhere safe do you seriously believe that yeah [Music] well just you go to sleep and I’ll take the first watch okay [Music] CJ walking all the day we need to stop and rest sorry guys I thought you were one of them you’re sorry that’s the second time you’ve almost been killed who are you anyway where’d you get a gun my name is Erin wood and I got the gun from a whole village we found who are you – hey I’m CJ CJ Martin suggested okay well you said weed does that mean like this more of you right come with me I have a camp up ahead with my friends but what are you two doing out here all alone well you see our village was attacked yesterday morning so they attack during the light yeah we came out when it was dark but looks like things are changing well that’s just great why don’t you two to stay with me at the camp Thanks he’s probably been eaten let’s just say that shut up Justin yeah no one cares what you think if you don’t care what I think don’t ask me questions hey guys there you are we were worried I wasn’t worried I was kind of Justin – shut up okay Aaron who are your friends this is CJ and that’s Jessica and they’re gonna be staying with us for a while and for how long for as long as they want hi I’m Carl Frank nice to meet you and this is Charlene and Justin hey shut up Justin anyway this is Jay and this is Drake all right hey come sit down let’s get you something to eat and drink so what brought you out here our villagers attacked about two days ago we’ve been wandering around in the woods trying to find someone we’re safe to stay and that’s not all they were attacked during the day I guess you’re right wait so what are you guys talking about follow me I’ll show you so you well my village got raided everyone I know is gone and now I’m living in some strange place in the woods how do you think I’m doing about a year ago my village was created and we had a we had to hide in the cellar until things are quiet when things got quiet began to the SUV we drove off I lost my sister and my mother did it yeah well things have been getting better since then we are sometimes we pass by old villages and get some useful things like guns get some supplies and we’re all pretty much family now so Aaron said you were tacking the daylight right yeah and he also said that you’re right what does he mean by that my parents Brad and Sarah or scientists and they studied them but when our village was attacked a year ago they didn’t make it this computer holds everything they ever discovered well how were your parents able to find out about all this stuff well 11 years ago they were assistant to a scientist named dr. Davis apparently something happened to a son-in-law Tom and he was trying to formulate be careful my parents said that before he tested the cure he first infected himself with what his son-in-law was suffering what was Tom suffering from I don’t know my parents never put in their research anyway after he infected himself he started screaming my parents were shocked and didn’t know what to do then his daughter made a drink the formula they had just made I guess it was supposed to make him better but it only made him worse so what happened after a minute his heart failed and he died after his funeral and I tried to get my parents to stay and still help her find a cure for her husband but after what happened dr. Davis they want to be involved with Ana but whatever she was doing it a couple years after that the attack started happening my parents knew was connected to Ana’s work but they couldn’t find her when they went back to the lab it was completely destroyed what do you think David found a cure um well my parents searched the lab and couldn’t find anything but I think there’s still something and they just missed it why don’t we go check it out Aaron I want to but the rest of the group is too scared and we can’t go alone because we think those things are still out there uh dude I think you’re right I mean even if there is a possibility that there’s something in the lab I think we should go find it but what about everybody else well maybe if we explain to them what’s going on they’ll realize that we need to do something before everything gets worse I’ve tried but they won’t listen to me well maybe they’ll listen to me yeah so we don’t know for sure but if you did find it curious somewhere in that lab hey CJ are you ready yeah duelist I don’t Oh Charlie yeah good luck hey everyone come gather around the campfire how was everyone’s day get to the point Karl all right CJ you take it from so I wanted to talk to you guys about going to the scientists lab we already talked about this no one wants to go yeah it’s too risky I know guys but if you would just send me all of it yeah but what if we get there and it’s a big waste of time okay what if there’s nothing there you just be leading us to a big pile of nothing Justin calm down you tell me you tell me to calm down you probably gonna be the first one to die [Music] guys listen okay I know all you guys are afraid of what might happen if we go out there but I want you guys to think about what would happen if we don’t go out there and I know you guys have seen the tech villages before and even your own village for that matter doesn’t that bother you cuz these things are not gonna stop until we’re all dead and if there’s a cure out there I think we should go find it I know you guys are scared and so am i but but there are a lot of other people out there that are scared and they don’t even know what’s going on so we need to stop thinking about ourselves and start thinking about other people because if we don’t well I agree if there’s something out there that can end all this I want to find it watching my home get destroyed was the worst thing I’ve ever experienced and I would hate for it to happen anyone else and if there’s something out there that can end this I think it’s our responsibility to find it I’m in are you serious there right in fact Carl’s been right all along we need to stop worrying about ourselves and go do something I agree we should go fine I’ll go but I’m not gonna like it then settle I’ll leave in the morning it should take a few days to get there but that shouldn’t be a problem all right guys make sure you get some sleep because we’ll be getting up early to pack we’re gonna find it [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] alright guys I’m gonna go check out the lab and see if it’s safe I’m going with you there you go Jess I am not letting you go in there by yourself I don’t care she’s right man come on Lee you shouldn’t go alone you need to take somebody with you okay but I’m not taking you I’ll go that’s it I’m not taking anyone else got it got it we should be gone for just a couple minutes all right AJ I need these guys to get some weapons look I’m sorry Jess but I think it would be better for both of us if you don’t go I think it’s clear hey guys look CJ what are you doing I’m here what what’s up why what’s going on all right we’re on our way CJ why they’re coming we need to go hold on I think I found some oh we need to go now okay go ahead it [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] we have a feeling the SUV [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] guys she’s got to be something that we can do there isn’t well what about in the woods is there a plane or something I can help CJ there’s nothing out there what about those tapes that I got from the labs CJ we don’t know what these are and it’ll probably get you guys to find out but we don’t have that long one that’s all we got much of a choice gotta kill him before he turns into one of them I hate to admit but Justin drank Thank You Justin shut up look you don’t have the cure and Drake only has a matter of minutes before things start to go bad come on there has to be some notes why should we listen to you is your brilliant idea to come out here in the first place now look what’s happened Justin stop this is the reason why we came out here to stop stuff like that before it happens well congratulations you found some useless paper but if everyone wouldn’t send me we’d be safe in our woods but no no we had to come out here to this horrible barren wasteland because some little boy lost his mommy enough there are more important things to be worried about right now and you’re not healthy not trying to help Justin just stop talking shut up okay so stupid right not here it’s got to be something we could do J yeah get my gun what you heard me sorry you know if Aaron had another choice he would have taken it we had another choice what we could have not killed Drake CJ it’s not that simple what do you mean we could have killed him or not have killed him is this that simpler plus the fact that he’d been scratched we could have saved them that’s my point CJ Aaron did it because he knew Drake couldn’t be saved why are you defending him I’m your brother and you should be on my side what I am on your side I’ve been on your side since the beginning [Music] alright guys you should be a safe place to stay for a while Jay you and Justin get some weapons and check out the area Jessica you would Charlene go over our supplies Carl you and CJ check the house to make sure it’s safe I’m gonna work on the engine this place looks like it’s been empty for a while we should be safe here let me see those papers you found I’ll check them out now oh snap girl what’s going on with you – nothing come one girl you can tell me there’s nothing to tell Charlene it’s how are you and your brother doing you guys have been arguing a lot lately he was just mad about what happened to Drake then he got mad at me for agreeing with them he just doesn’t realize we had no other choice we were really good friends Drake and I but I knew that’s what we had to take that was the best choice would you lose here go during the attack I lost my dad and my two younger brothers these guys they really helped well except for Justin cause she just makes everything worse yeah I can tell you two don’t get along no we don’t it should have been him that died that night not Drake Selene what you mean yes I do in fact we would all be better off if he wasn’t here sorry just but that’s what I believe so what did I say well why don’t you be like some type of care formula say or something I don’t know for sure plus we only have half of this formula this could be a completely different remedy from what you’re thinking CJ listen even if we knew this stuff beforehand it wouldn’t have helped Drake neither let the past go and move on look we did find something at the lab and maybe we find the other half of these papers we can have the whole formula but I need your help CJ okay what’s the next step well first things first we need to find what other happy these papers are do the back at the lab what one of them got ahold of the papers and they’ve rips so we need to go check out those woods great nobody wants to go back there we don’t have to take everyone I mean it could just be me you and Aaron everybody else could just stay yeah I think that could work I’m fine you all right I don’t you in a minute hey you guys in here yeah he went to get some gas cans what’s wrong so well me and Cole looking over the lab papers and he thinks it is a cure but we don’t have the second half so me and him and maybe Aaron are gonna go back to the woods and see if it’s there it’s pretty risky I mean I’m gonna go with you Jess come on you didn’t let me go in the lab at least let me go through to look for some papers in the woods why aren’t you doing what I’m telling you because you’re not the boss of me like I said before CJ I’m on your side but if you want me to stay on your side you need to let me help okay whatever but when we’re there you have to listen to everything I say deal deal okay well you get stuff ready and I’m gonna go find Aaron okay just to get your announcements going on what’s wrong what should we do get everyone together everyone grab a gun what’s wrong that there’s Justin where were you [Applause] Charlie we were looking everywhere for you what happened come on to get you inside great Justin we’ve stopped talking where did Aaron and Jay go they didn’t make it but look what I found the guy you killed we had these in his hands they’re all bloody can we even get anything out of him I don’t know for sure great I’ll get started right away I’m gonna go get washed up CJ there’s nothing out there beautiful we knew this stuff beforehand away one of Health great Eric [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you

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