Anti Aging Foods And Nutrients That Delay The Onset Of Old Age

Eating the right nutritional balance is essential
of staving off the effects of old age In this video are some tips on the types of
nutrition one should be focussing on Take plenty of fruit and vegetables in you
diet which have strong anti oxidant properties Take plenty of berries which have been linked
with strong cognotive boosting functions thus helping you retain your memory Proteins in white meat and seafood help retain
muscle mass which naturally diminishes with old age Omega 3 is something we must all have in our
diets regardless of age as it does not occur naturally The most commonly known source is fish but
many plant based foods also contain it, chia seeds being a prime example. High fiber foods such as cereals are necessary,
these have many benefits including boosting of metabolism Resveratrol is a commonly known anti aging
supplement for our skin cells and helps reduce blood pressure – this is found in red wine
and grapes though too much red wine could have an adverse effect in other ways. For more information on anti aging solutions
visit the website below this video clip

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