Antique and Rare Books

hi guys welcome back to my channel I’m Mary and this is the retort today’s video was inspired by kristy from my book portals i will incur video blow in her video christie shows us some of the oldest books in her collection so I thought I might show you today some of my most precious belongings first is this gorgeous 1864 collection of rabby burns poems you can see the details here and how old it is can have this picture here I got this lickies a secondhand bookshop and inverness if you ever find yourself in inverness i really recommend visiting wikis it’s i read somewhere that it’s one of the largest big shops in scotland and it is based in an old church so the big trip is really lovely second as a 19-12 edition of the mill and falls by george eliot i got this in bikinis to st. Andrews also in Scotland its fading a bit here but you can see probably the cover detail is this I also got in bikinis bookshop it is a first edition of the profundities by Oscar Wilde it’s really old and the cover is not in such a good condition the pages are still very good this is a 1939 edition of Gone with the Wind it has kind of fallen apart so I own a newer edition that I can actually read these won’t have to handle with great care then it got this online actually now this one is not that old but it is a first and signed edition of the firebrand by marion zimmer bradley you can see her lovely signature here and this was brought to me from the states by my friend Carol now my dearest and most precious picked as a first edition of To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf and this copy belonged and is signed by author and it Bagnold you can see her signature I received these two years ago as a birthday gift from my friend bill and I still love it so much I even bring myself to really I just want to keep it on my shelf I’m really passionate about antique and rare books I especially love it when it comes with a dictation and note or even a scribble by the previous owners I feel like it adds to the magic of the book like out books have more personality than newer ones like they have their own stories if you like ode books well and you feel like these i love to hear thoughts and comments and if you own a few old books yourself I’d will have to see them that’s it for today I’ll see you next time happy reading bye

11 Replies to “Antique and Rare Books”

  1. You have some really awesome books! A first edition of an Oscar Wilde and a Virginia Wolfe book? That's so cool!

  2. Look at all those beauties! I'm quite jealous of the Oscar Wilde and Firebrand – I love that book. Thanks for sharing with us. 🙂

  3. those books look so beautiful, I have always wanted old books I just never get a chance to own any I only own one old book that I can think of and that is a french edition of The Black Tulip by Alexandre Dumas I know its not a first edition but it is pretty old I believe the date in the front is from the early 1900's maybe late 1800's

  4. :O First edition Virginia Wolfe! Lovely. I love it when antique books have writing in them. Especially names and dates. I feel like people had such nicer hand writing in the old days!

  5. Quantos livros lindos ;A; Nunca tenho coragem de gastar com livro muito velho porque não confio nas minhas habilidades de mantê-lo conservado, haha.

  6. nice video thanks for sharing I too enjoy old books….. ok I am a major hoarder who likes to collect absolutely everything but I did just upload a 1800 to 1890 book video today so if you get a chance you should check it out.

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