Antique Brass Scale Restoration – 100+ Years Old [Used in Post Office]

Welcome in this video! Today I will be doing antique brass scale restoration Enjoy! What do you think? Let me know in comments below! If you enjoyed in this video, please give thumbs up! Thanks!

3 Replies to “Antique Brass Scale Restoration – 100+ Years Old [Used in Post Office]”

  1. Hey guys and girls!

    Check out this great antique brass scale restoration. Very exciting restoration to do, check out that result… Write down what ever you have on mind, something you like or dislike, give thumbs up and share. Huge thank you!

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    BR FFD

  2. Hi Boris 👋👋👋 work on restoration of scales ⚖️ is executed at the highest level 👍👍👍🤝🤝🤝

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