Antique Camera Guide : Antique Cameras: Features of Zeiss Ikon Super

I’m going to talk about the design of this
camera. And, that’s really what made me the first thing that made me fall in love with
this camera. They refer to these older cameras as folders. And, it’s because they fold up.
Now, if you look at it I just think that is just one of the coolest designs ever. And,
it perplexes me as to why a modern day camera manufacturer does not make a camera with this
sort of design. Whether it be film or digital. Or, it’s just something that you could literally
just fold up and carry in your coat or carry in a pocket. And, that’s really where the
design came for this camera. Now, Zice is one the sharpest lenses that you can get.
So, even though this camera looks like it’s been through and it has been through probably
who knows what. But, the lens on it is tack sharp. And, those are called optics. And,
you really this type of camera for that is just essentially priceless.

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