Antique Chic – #FindYourAWAY with GoRVing

When we camp like a girl, the camp
sites are just dolled up to the nines. It’s just beautiful. We go to the antique
shops to accessorize our campers. We could kill four hours in there without
batting an eyelash. Janine, you must come. I’m coming on. What’d you find? No way! I love blankets and red plaid. Anything red
plaid. When I look back on childhood, the thing
that stands out to me is camping. When I’m in the vintage trailers, it just
evokes the memory to me of sort of that safety you felt when you were a kid in
your aunt, your grandma’s house, sleeping on her daybed, on the back porch, on a
hot afternoon, getting a popsicle. My husband is a non-camper. I saw an article
in the magazine about the sisters on the fly. They travel around in little vintage
trailers. No kids. No men. No pets. And I showed it to my husband and he just
said, “Oh my gosh! Your people have found you. Sign up right now.”

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