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You could imagine that the old days, in railroad
stations, railroad clocks as this could be called were quite important. The trains needed
to run on time. People needed to get to their train on time. One of the most popular clocks
of the period and even of all time really for collectors now too, is the Seth Thomas
number 2 regulator. We talked before about what regulator means. This really could qualify
as one. It’s weight driven, you see the weight here that I’ve taken out so I didn’t break
the glass. But normally hangs inside and descends. There’s no striking train in there. No striking
mechanism so that wont interfere with the accuracy of the clock. And there are other
attributes to the movement which are perhaps a little too complicated to get into but things
that make these accurate clocks. This particular Seth Thomas number 2 is actually a reissue.
This was such a popular design beginning in the late 1800’s that in 1975 and 1976 the
company decided to reissue this style as well. As they’d stopped making it about 20 years
before that. And they only made 4000 of them. But they still have some value. But just if
you’re shopping for one of these Seth Thomas number 2 regulators you should know that they
came all the way from the earliest times of the late 1800’s right into the late 1900’s
and you should pay accordingly for how old your clock happens to be.

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  1. For my 8th grade graduation, me and my twin brother each got a 1860's Illinois watch co. pocket watchs which wind with a key, very accurate time!

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