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You saw this school clock, when I was defining
regulator for you, and telling you what isn’t and is a regulator clock. This obviously,
is not a regulator, in the true sense of the word, but this is a school clock. These, like
some of the other terms we talked about, school clock was not what these were called, when
they were new. These were called Drop Octagons. Here’s our octagon, and here’s our drop underneath,
so that it more described what you were looking at, than school clock, but as you can understand,
the reason these got the name school clock, was because they ended up on the walls of
thousands of schoolhouses throughout the country. This is a particularly small one, an unusual
size, although many of them were made out of oak. They were usually bigger. Some of
them, probably most of them, were just timepieces, single wind, as in not in the case of this
one. You can see your two winding holes, so this is a striker, but you didn’t want a clock
that was bonging away in the classroom, so most of them were just timepieces, but there
were variations of those too, so when you look for school clocks, you see them bigger.
The more valuable one’s, are what are called Long Drop School Clocks, where the drop here
is maybe twice as long. Those cost more originally, and are more valuable now, and they also went
from timepiece to striking, and often calendars. Well, where there would be a red hand, and
one to thirty one around the outside of the dial. It would tell you the date, as well
as the time.

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