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Venetian Cases, very stylish cases. They must
think that there was some connection to Italian design or architecture, because not only is
this style of case called Venetian, but these models are actually called Italian Number
One, and Italian Number Two. I think even then, they knew that Italian design appealed
to people, so they named them that, to make you think that you were getting some high
style, high design clock here, so these were both made by the Welch Spring Company, which
was a predecessor to the E.N. Welch Company, that we talked about, and spring has nothing
to do with what’s powering the clock. It was actually a man’s name Spring, who was a partner
with Welch at the time, in making these clocks. We can notice a few things about this. Here’s
a good example of telling the difference between an eight day clock, and a thirty hour clock.
Not only is this one a little bigger, our eight day model, but you can see the location
of the winding holes. With the bigger movement, the eight day movement, the winding holes
are low down, by the four and the eight. In this thirty hour, daily wind version, our
winding holes are much higher up, reflecting the fact, that there’s a smaller movement
in there. In both cases, we have great reverse painted floral glasses. In this case, we have
gold painted columns.I’m a little suspicious of these, because this looks like that perhaps,
it’s newer gold paint, but I’m not sure. It may have started like this, with these black
accents, so we’d have to study our Welch Reproduction Catalog, and see if it was offered in this
format, and we peek inside. We see that we have the Welsh Spring label, and we also can
have another little audition of our gonging. If we’re lucky, we’re going to get eight.

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