Antique Clock Collecting: Connecticut Styles : Antique Clocks: Wall Clocks for Home & Office

We’ve spent the time, until now, mostly talking
about mantel clocks and shelf clocks but it doesn’t mean that we aren’t going to talk
about wall clocks too, which are just as important and probably, these days, I’ve been selling
more wall clocks than mantel clocks. There were really distinctions between what was
going to hang in your home and what was going to hang in an office or public space and a
lot of the truly collectible clocks now, were originally designed for commercial places,
for schools, for banks, for post offices, for railroads stations. This is an example,
certainly, of one that originally was not intended to hang in anyones home and back
in Victorian days or even later, when this clock was made, no one would think that this
would be an appropriate clock to hang in a part of your house but this is a turn of the
century regulator clock that was made by Little and Eastman, we’ll talk about that as an important
small company but there were other big companies making these same kinds of wall clocks at
the time. We’ll also look at the types of wall clocks that maybe you would expect to
see more in homes than in offices, like this one.

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