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I mentioned Vienna Regulators, but I think
it’s important to spend a few more minutes on them because they’re an important collecting
category, they’re beautiful clocks, even as interest in many Victorian style clocks is
diminished, I continue to sell these, Regulator people just appreciate their quality and form.
The style, as you can imagine, originated in Austria, where these were again, public
clocks usually, long thin clocks, very accurate and the original Austrian ones, the earlier
Austrian ones from the earlier 1800’s tend to be beyond the affordability of most Collectors.
But you still can find them and if you have deep pockets those are certainly the ones
to collect. Over, later on, most of those Vienna Regulators were made in Germany, again
by the big companies I mentioned, Gustoff-Becker is a major name in Vienna Regulator manufacturing
and you would be very happy to have a Gustoff-Becker Vienna Regulator if one came along. You can
see the basic form here, where there’s the Face, long pendulum that’s visible, and these
are weight driven clocks. They come in usually three varieties, the simplest would be a time
only, or a One Weight, and that’s the way you hear about Vienna Regulators usually,
is the number of weights. The two weight Vienna Regulator, obviously two weights hanging there,
that would be a time and strike, usually they count the hours and give you a single on the
half hour. The three weights, obviously more valuable, usually bigger clocks, do quarter
hour chiming as well, not a melody, not Westminster chimes like some quarter hours, but you’d
get bim-bams. For example at 1:15 you would get one set of bim-bams, 1:30 two sets, so
you’d know which quarter of the hour you’re in. So the one way, two way, three way, depending
on your pocketbook, all Vienna Regulators, beautiful clocks, high quality clocks, great
to own.

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