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Hey guys.. Welcome back. This is Maitree. Few days back one of my subscriber whose name is Shruti had requested me to share the recipe to make rust paste at home. Today I am going to make some rust paste and am also going to use the rust paste to transform a bottle. and am also going to use the rust paste to transform a bottle. If you like the video, please press the like button, subscribe to my channel and please press the bell icon to get notified about my new videos on my channel. Before going into the video, let me answer some of the questions that I have been asked. Some of you have asked me how do I get ideas to make videos. Guys, I get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest. Pinterest is a website, which is an inspiration hub for ideas. So, if you are searching for some craft inspirations, then you can also visit Pinterest.I have given the website link in the description below. and additionally you can also join my
facebook group and the link is also available in the description below. And now please enjoy the rust making process and the bottle transformation . 🙂 For this transformation, I first got an empty glass bottle. And primed it using some primer. Once, the primer was all dried, I deco-paged a picture on the bottle.. You can use your own customised picture as well. Then I used a thread to make a frame for the picture. I wrapped a thread around the neck of the bottle. Then I covered the bottle using tissue paper. The Tissue paper is going to give some textures which will help in holding the rust pastes on the bottle. To paste the tissue papers, I have used a mixture of water and white glue in equal proportion. Then I got rust pastes that I have made at home. I made brown, orange and yellow rust pastes and will share the recipe at the end of this video. Lets see how I have used the rust pastes to get a rusty effect on the bottle. I first painted the bottle using brown rust paste. When this layer was completely dried, I applied a low intense orange rust paste so that the brown paste is also visible. When the orange paste is completely dried, I applied patches of yellow rust paste to it. When all the rust pastes got dried, I applied matte finished decoupage glue on the bottle and that’s how I got the rusty look on the bottle. As promised, I am going to share the rust paste recipe. To make the rusty pastes, we need some fine sand. You can get fine sand online or in any craft stores. However, I was not interested in spending money for fine sand. 😛 So I got some normal sand from somewhere near to my apartment and used an old tea strainer to get the fine sand out of it. Then I got three empty containers. Then I poured two table spoons of fine sand in each container, Then I mixed one table spoon of wall putty and one table spoon of white glue to the sand in each of the container. For brown rust paste, I mixed half table spoon of brown acrylic and quarter table spoon of black acrylic to the sand paste. For Orange rust paste, I mixed one table spoon of orange acrylic, two drops of brown acrylic, two drops of red acrylic, one drop of black acrylic and 4 drops of yellow acrylic to the sand paste For yellow rust paste, I mixed half table spoon of yellow acrylic and two drops of orange acrylic to the sand . Thats all that I have for today. I will be back with some more interesting projects. Till then bye bye.. 🙂

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  1. Do you love the rusty look on your crafts?? if yes, here is a video on how to make rust paste at home.. Do try this.. Make some awesome crafts for yourself ????

  2. Greetings from Greece, i have subscribed on your Channel and liked this video! I would appreciate your presence.

  3. Hi Maitri. Fabulous as usual. Request you to clear my doubt. Y did u use so many colors for the orange rust paste? Will not it be sufficient to use just some orange acrylic color?

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