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Fiestaware, you gotta love it, but which is
old and which is new? This is a lot fiestaware. It is a lot of fiestaware. Was it this one
dealer just come through and just decide they focus on it? Yes, they do. A lot of people
do focus on it because it’s such bright colors and it can mix and match so well. Do you think
that the popularity also comes back from a sense of nostalgia? I think that anything
that you, just about, you find in an antique mall really comes back to nostalgia, but particularly
the fiesta. Most of us had parents or grandparents that had it when we were children, we grew
up with it. My parents grew up with it. I inherited some turquoise color fiestaware
and there’s so many different colors that it comes in. Originally they came out with
five. So, there were five different colors, are they all represented here? Well, the cobalt
blue, and the light green, the golden orange and the ivory. They also made a red that’s
really an orange color. Oh, I see. Were the five original colors. So, if you’re looking
for, because they’re still making it today. They do. Right, right. They do. So, if you’re
interested in the early stuff, you’re limited to a certain number of colors. That’s correct.
There are other marks that you should be looking for? Well, on the back, the small F indicates
that it’s an older piece. Ah, so a lowercase F. A lowercase F. Would for fiesta. Uh huh.
Okay, alright. And did the early pieces, because I know a lot early pottery had lead in it?
I did. Or the glazes? The glazes had lead in it. Yeah, yeah. The one’s they make now
are lead free, and in fact, most of them probably will say lead free on the back. Oh, okay,
so these are the newer one’s? These are the newer colors over here. Okay, so on the back
here. It does say. And the letter F is uppercase. Correct. The fact that it’s made a come back,
we see this, don’t we, with just about everything? That’s right, history repeats itself. Well,
everything becomes popular again, here we have fiestaware. Well, thank you so much,
Brenda, it’s been very helpful. Well, you’re just very welcome. Hey, if you’re enjoying
watching these tips on eHow, make sure you tell a friend about them. There’re lots of
them, and subscribe to eHow Home. Yeah, I really love this color and my aunt ended up
giving me about 20 pieces of this, I’d like to collect more of it actually.

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  1. I love P. Allen Smith's Southern accent. I also love (and appreciate) his decorating and garden tips. Hey, Allen, may your loggia always find you you happy. (read about your house in Cottage Magazine. Hey, he likes the Sea Mist color like I do!

  2. There were six original colors in vintage. Some of the post 1986 has the lower case "f". This lady needs to get her facts straight.

  3. Pee Allen Smith is a nelly, pretentious, overbearing Southern sissy who used to go by the name of "Petunia Clark" planting flowers in everyone's "backyard." Get out your mason jars and tea lights girls and don't butch it up for the crowd. Some of us love a foo foo buffet with wrists so limp a cocktail or whine glass seems too heavy. Twirl and twirl and twirl.

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