Antique French Wire Cage Mouse Trap In Action. Mousetrap Monday.

Today for Mousetrap Monday, we’re going to take a look at this antique mousetrap. This is a wire cage dome-shaped trap. This design came out of France, and it was used extensively in the late 1800s and early 1900s. It was heavily advertised in hardware store catalogs. Here’s one from 1929. Back then these typically sold for between 30 and 35 cents apiece. I’m still seeing modern versions of this trap being sold on Amazon and eBay, that’s because it works really well. It’s so simple, the mouse climbs up the side, drops through the hole in the top. There’s a little funnel here with spikes, that way it can’t get out, similar to a minnow trap, and then you got them. In the morning, you can release them by pulling this little lever on the bottom here and lifting up the bottom. You can catch multiple mice, and it’s a humane trap. I’m curious how well this is going to work. Let’s go set it up with our pet mice. I need a pretty small one so I’ll use Flash, our wild mouse that we caught, see if she’ll go in there, drop through the top to get the bait. That didn’t take long at all, Flash climbed up the side of the cage, went through that funnel, and is now on the bottom. We’re going to let her go, and then we’re going to go set this up in the barn and try to catch the wild mice. Last night, we set up our dome-shaped wire cage mousetrap in the barn. Mouse climbed through the top, went through that hole to get the bait and couldn’t get out because of that wire funnel. Because this is a live animal trap, we’re gonna release it. To do that, you just lift this latch on the bottom here, lift up the floor, and the mouse is free to run away. This is an antique French style mouse trap, and it works really well. It’s a cool design.

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  1. You can purchase a modern version of this trap through my Amazon Affiliate Link:

  2. Hey Shawn, I love your videos. Even though I used to have a rodent as a pet, I still watched them. I just wanted to request you to check out some Serbian Mouse Traps, we have some very interesting designs if I do say so myself. All and all, keep up the good work and don't let YouTube demolish your channel. Поздрав из Србије!

  3. French trap :haha ! Je t'ai attrapé petite souris ! ! Arrête de te plaindre ! Tu et vivante ! J'aurais pu être conçu pour être un piège tueur!! Sois reconnaissante de ta chance

    (Yes i speak french ! HI FROM QUEBEC!)

  4. What is the spacing on that wire, that was the biggest complaint on the Amazon model you mentioned, otherwise I might try one myself.

  5. If this was deeper lik a tall water bottle, you can catch alot more because for this design, if one gets in, he will still managed to get the bait and eat it up, leaving no baits for other mice. Plus if its tall u can put water underneath it to make it a kill trap. Basically if they made just the lid and sell it to be used with a bucket it would be more efficient. You can even put more holes if the lid is like bucket size.

  6. Seems like a nice trap that's very humane. Lots of visibility and open air for the mouse.

    While I don't particularly care if the mouse lives or not, it's nice to have the option.

  7. If you take out the floor, add in a spring board to hold bait, then put the whole thing over a water bucket it would be super trap.

  8. You would t catch a rat lke that. They are far more wily.

    How about rat catchers Shawn. YOu ve had the easy option now 😉

  9. MIce are pretty smart. They can figure out how to get into something. But not always thinking ahead on how to get out !. Gee, sort of reminds me of people.

  10. I wonder if you could make a dual use one wher you catch a mouse one day then the next use the mouse as bait and catch a fish.

  11. Towards the end, heard "runaway" and "French" a few seconds apart, couldn't help but giggle. (I know France is a powerhouse, just remembered the meme)

  12. Observation: By continually removing the dumb mice that fall for the traps Shawn is creating an evolutionary pressure that will eventually create a race of hyper-intelligent mice in his barn.

    I, for one, welcome our cheese-eating overlords.

  13. I just subscribed after watching the different mouse trap vids. The 'walk the plank' is my favorite so far. I'm a grown man and I gotta say you make me feel like such a coward the way you handle those wild mice

  14. I've got one of these mouse traps and the last time I used it – I was TOO SLOW at returning and the mouse squeezed itself out….FYI

  15. My great-granma (R.I.P.) had one of those in her farm. Was VERY old (the trap, folks, respect for my late granny) and with a wooden base. It's a miracle I even still remember it, since it's been 45 years (more or less) ever since.

    I can assure you it was not used "humanely". Every pest captured took a dunk afterwards. Hard to hold against the old people who saw those pesky four legged vermin chew their food in times when food was scarce, and even when food began being less hard to come by, old (and, in this case at least, good) habits are hard to break.

  16. I say this in the most positive way and without bias (I do have a little Frenchie in me, courtesy of my dad) ……. when any product is made in France there is bound to be something unique and interesting about it and it usually works effectively ……
    Your video met my expectations 🙂

  17. Hi where do get these products. I have a mice problem in my house and I live in the city but they are avoiding my traps and even the plank and bucket. Any tips to catch them

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