Antique Furniture : Tips for Being a Successful Antiques Dealer

So your shop, your antique shop is a little
slow, your booth is a little slow. I have a few tips on how to be a successful antique
dealer. I’m Blake Kennedy with Kennedy Brothers Estate services. Everybody thinks all they
have to do is buy the merchandise and just put it in the shop and do a little bit of
advertising and make money. Well, it’s not necessarily all that. Because things become
stale merchandise, you’re got to, you know, be able to think outside the box. It’s not
just buying the merchandise, putting it into your shop, and doubling your money. You’ve
got to be willing to rotate the merchandise. You even, you know, if merchandise has been
there for a long time, dust it off. You would be surprised on how many shops just don’t
dust the furniture, or dust their antique figurines. Dust them off, move them around.
Because same people come in to the shop, They want to see something new and fresh. Also,
just don’t count on your local economy, your local community come into your shop to buy.
Be willing to have a spot in the back of your shop that you can take photographs and put
them on line. That way you’re not only selling out of your shop, but you’re selling it on
line. An advertise that you will put other people’s stuff on line. That way their people
are coming into your shop to try and sell those items to you or hey, I heard you could
sell it on line for me. And charge them a percent that way. Or also put we take consignments
in. You want fresh merchandise in your shop at all time. Because there’s nothing worse
than going into a shop and finding stale, used merchandise that’s been there for months,
years. It just, you know, the word gets around. Change your merchandise, rotate it around,
and you’ll be a success in this business. I’m Blake Kennedy, and I hope that helped.

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