Antique “Last-Word” Mousetrap Saves My Tomatoes In The Greenhouse

Today for Mousetrap Monday I have another antique mouse trap to show you. That’s a variation on the classic snap style design. This is called the Last Word mousetrap. It was first patented by Olin Booth of Cainsville, Montana on September 17, 1940 and obviously the inventor put quite a bit of thought into building a better mousetrap. What he came up with was a mousetrap with a spring up front, attached to a kill bar and a trigger system that works on a teeter-totter with a lever and back and a hook. This is really easy to set you pull it back. That’s all you need to do it’s ready to go, you put bait on the trigger, the mouse comes along steps on that releases the hook and you got em’. Now if you saw last week’s video on the Swedish Choker mousetrap, you know I love planting heirloom garden seeds. And I have a problem with mice in my greenhouse coming in and killing my tomatoes. It’s really frustrating I lost over a month and a half of starts and I replanted and I want to have the last word on who gets to eat my tomatoes. Not the mice. So we’re gonna set this up on the seed flat. They’re gonna come tonight. Try to get those tomato seeds but instead they’re gonna have a surprise with this antique mouse trap. Let’s go set up the motion cameras *snap* These mice have just been completely destroying my tomato starts in the greenhouse and last night we were able to get one of these pests with this antique snap trap to remove it you pull back the kill bar and give a little flip. Now, I love testing out antique and vintage mousetraps. There’s so many different designs. This is a really great modification on the classic snap trap. I’m posting between 4 and 5 rodent trap videos a week. So if you want to see how to catch mice, rats, squirrels, chipmunks, moles, voles and gophers stay tuned. *snap*

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  1. I need a diy mousetrap that will kill a large mouse fairly quickly.. does anyone know any style I could use that's easy to make?

  2. I know its frustrating when pests eat your vegetable plants. I once had that problem with groundhogs and deer. you want to get rid of the mice destroying your tomatoes? use the all metal mousetraps, with teeth. Joe

  3. great trap, i like this channel. everytime i come here, its a different and interesting trap. lol

  4. Why do you keep mice just to use them to show off their death and even when some aren’t your mice you still want to show off the death of an animal

  5. since you can't use water to kill the mice in a bucket-style trap AND put that footage on youtube, maybe try packing peanuts? Something non-solid that provides little to no support if the mouse tries to jump out. Maybe sand or sawdust?

  6. Anyone here dissect any mice or rats? I'm curious how strong their spines are. Some of these traps don't seem that strong.

  7. So why aren't all basic snap traps based on this design? Those base model Victor traps are a pain to set, and the plastic snappers don't last more than two times due to the latch being made from plastic (which then breaks if the mouse or rat puts any effort into escaping).

  8. Enlarge it and bait it with fried chicken, watermelon, crack, a broken firearm, or a $20 bill, and you see the problem. You only get one and the others steal the bait.

  9. how to kill a mouse

    step one go to pet store

    step 2 get a cat

    step 3 put cat outside with food and water

    step 4 wait until it gets dark

    step 5 go to sleep

    step 6 wake up in the morning

    step 7 watch your cat having a mouse in its mouth

    step 8 you got the rodent kill cat tram

  10. I tolerate mice in the compost box but once they get into my strawberry field they're dead to me.

  11. Here at YouTube we value money and our political views therefor you cant rate big companies ad‘s and all political views we don’t agree with get labeled as controversial and demonized. Thank you and may we make money off of your things.

  12. Just wait for the revenge of the mice… In your sleep they will enter your room and revenge their family and friends…

  13. Really, this system to set the trap is a real improvement, superior to the trap system of today… No danger too snap your finger. A very good design. Ans the last word is : OUTCH !

  14. Your trick you showed last year about planting a part of the tomato stem in the soil has skyrocketed my tomato production. thanks man.

  15. I made a tiny Last Word mousetrap! It's two inches long, and why won't it let me paste a link of it to you D:

  16. I don't even know why I watch your videos. I don't even have mouse problems. But for some reason I just cant stop watching. Almost always the highlight of the YouTube viewing time each day.

  17. I think I have seen 3 different companies with "cool" names using this exact trigger mechanism. I guess the patent has worn out. This design is the best I've seen for snap-trap triggers.

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