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  1. Those machines are amazing, I figure using an old style mill and lathe to make it would make me feel better and take a hell of a lot longer. I like the wrench a lot…free shipping overseas or only in North America?

  2. Я думал розыгрыш, а это банальная реклама ключей для продажи…

  3. I first saw these on AvE channel. They look and seem to work great. Just the fact that you are making cool shit is also great, thanks.

  4. I see lots of heat and burning happening. Every thought about recycling your coolant? Or have you even thought about using automotive coolant as a substitute?

  5. i kept expecting at the end for you to plop down a quadruple scale version diagonally across the table.

    it'd be interesting to see the way they made these originally, i'm thinking punching or i guess forging the outside shape of the body and head, then horizontal mill for reducing the tongue thickness, tbit in a vertical for the slot , screw machine for turning the tongue down to round and threading. nut is a standard screw machine process, break the edges somehow and you're done

  6. Very cool to be able to see exactly what the machines are doing. Also slightly terrifying, watching the tooling glow red with heat… I've never been in the same building as a machine tool, and I still got pucker-by-proxy.

  7. 1st Round: AvE's test showed a bit of a weakness in the threads. Are these new materials stronger and do you anticipate they'll hold up a bit better to our everyday use & his torture test? ♤♡◇♧

  8. Feed rate is a bit high don't you think? Even if you normally run coolant, I'd think it wouldn't be a big deal to tell the program to run at 60% of normal feed rate?

  9. Honestly, I have nothing profound to say; I’ve been watching these videos for about 18 months and I just genuinely love them. I hope that you keep this up, absolutely some of my favorite content to see!

  10. Bought one as soon as I finished the video! Been following since your second video, please keep up the good work! I'll be getting a larger wrench soon too

  11. Привет. Хвастаешся да хвастаешся)) ну хоть самый маленький отправь мне на украину ….спасибо зарание.

  12. So, if I said I had access to a 1930’s model Walker Turner (The Driver Line) drill press, would you want to restore it?

  13. https://articulo.mercadolibre.com.mx/MLM-657074785-herramienta-antigua-llave-perica-1890-1900-de-ferrocarrilero-_JM

    This for sale also

  14. I'm curious….it's entirely made in Canada, but you want US dollars for it??? I'm a Canadian…why should I pay in US dollars! Doesn't make any sense! 🙁

  15. Still waiting on a wrench ordered in Sept 2018. Was to ship late Dec 2018. Might purchase additional if we get the original order. 😔

  16. Mine came with a small, curved piece of steel acting as a spring below the knurled wheel to help handle the back leash.

  17. Lol everyone is cringing and commenting about coolant. Me im just happy he said resurrection and not restoration 😂😂😂 its the little things

  18. Actually if you are doing hard material milling with carbide it can be better to do it without coolant in cases where cutting forces are high since the thermal shock is detrimental to tool life.

  19. I could almost hear the bits crying. Generating heat because of no coolant. I do appreciate it I love seeing machines in action. But if it will damage the machine then show a small bit without then finish the rest with coolant

  20. That's awesome.
    But sinking the cost a whole basic (but perfectly serviceable) toolkit into a novelty, if very well made and functional mini-wrench is not on my list of things to do in the near future.

  21. I ordered and received the large version and this version. Great quality and definitely worth the wait. They are genuine heirloom tools!!!!

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