7 Replies to “Antique Product Mystery (What is this stuff?!)”

  1. Maybe it was used as a face prosthetic ? To cover a pimple or something and let the wet clumpy stuff dry on and than conceal the clump as skin? I'm trying to think creatively here haha

  2. Your facial expressions are comedy gold. I will be making those faces at work today, namely when I run across contracts/accounts that make no sense. As for the product, I'm thinking originally some kind of stage makeup or thick makeup for people with skin conditions. I could see Elizabeth I using something like this to cover her smallpox scars. Your expressions, though–they say it all!

  3. Perhaps it's a face mask to accomplish having a more fare porcelain skin completion

    The ingredients itself have the potential for a face scrub and a help with dark spots
    … multi purpose products?

  4. Haha! Maybe a finer grind of the flours and meals, then a thin paste painted on face and left to dry, and then gently dusting off the dried chunky bits with a powder brush would work? ?‍♀️

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