Antique Tractors | Iowa State Fair 2015

We’re an antique tractor and engine club
almost into our 40th year. I’ve worked on cars and trucks when I
was a younger fella. My grandparents farmed a dairy farm in New York. I spent a summer with them when I was ten. My grandfather farmed with an Allis-Chalmers tractor, so I never really forgot that. And as time went on, and we were able to
do this we inherited a family tractor and it took off from there. Most of the equipment, specially the farm tractors were designed so that a farmer could work on it himself. He wasn’t going to run into the dealership, it wasn’t going to happen. If you couldn’t fix it in the field, you were probably in trouble. We have folks whether they’re little bitty guys or a gentleman in their 80s.
Especially the older folks, they either had one or dad had one and of course
they remember the sights the sounds the smells. You know, they had the big dinner
when they threshed back when farms were 80 acres and all the neighbors helped each other. When this John Deere starts you’ll have people from 100 yards coming
because they’ve heard that sound before. They want to see what it is, or they heard it on dad’s farm, grandpa’s farm. The sound is a lot of it, but even the smell of the corn sometimes the older fellows will come up there boy
haven’t seen this or haven’t smelled this for 40 years. Generations, they love to bring their kids and talked about how grandpa did corn shelling every day, and grandma used to grind corn for the chickens. And it brings back a lot of good memories. We started collecting this stuff about
20 years ago, and ended up the kids having nothing to do while we were
showing the engine. So we started buying grinders and shellers and just
incorporated it into this event that we have here at the State Fair this year. Especially in the times we have now, a lot
of people wish things were like they used to be. Oh, they want to know how old it is. What
does it run on and all that kind of stuff. Every year you get to talk to somebody from some foreign country. At least one if not more. And every state, I swear every state’s here. That’s a 1919 Rumely. We just had some engine work done on it now. It
starts as easy as your car. It will backfire every once in a while and
everyone gets about a foot taller for a second. There isn’t anything up here
that’s OSHA approved. It’s hot. It’s spinning. Its sharp or throws things. This is Iowa history. There’s a lot of things on a fairground. It’s the best fair on the planet, bar none. But when you get right down to the nuts and bolts of antiques this is what grandpa used. This is the place to see that.

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