Antiques: Collecting 19th Century Clocks : How to Collect Antique Banjo Clocks

Here’s another example of a nice banjo clock
on the scale it’s a less expensive banjo clock but made by New Haven clock company a late
19th century they made them well into the early 1900’s and still producing them but
this is a nice example. And it’s one of the clocks that seems to run for me all the time
they usually had glass with printed this is a printed picture of Mt Vernon and you’ll
see reverse painting ones on the earlier examples and usually these clocks would open up and
you’d have your dial. And inside your pendulum and here to you’ll see reverse painting this
is a reverse clock so you don’t see this, this is just a print rather than a reverse
painting underneath this piece of glass. These are really typical for the banjo clocks they
look like they have clock with not always an ego filigree but a non filigree also, you
can find them in a variety of different sizes this is a nice example, not to large and not
to small. A later example but it’s just a nice example of a banjo clock so you can get
it an idea what a banjo clock looks like. I enjoy this clock because it works very well
and you have the hour and half hour chime on this clock too, this is also an 8 day clock
so it’ll run all week for you, you don’t have to wind it every night so that’s a nice feature
about this particular New Haven clock.

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