Antiques: Collecting 19th Century Clocks : How to Collect Antique Bee Hive Clocks

So here’s another nice example of a late 19th
century clock this is what they call a bee hive it comes in a shape of a bee hive it
has nice little inlay you can see here all around the inside and upper part of the clock.
It has nice little brass feet that it sits on I’m going to open up the brass face and
show you the inside of the clock that dials, it has a nice tone to it it’s a low tone when
it rings it chimes on the half hour and the hour. This is made by Seth Thomas a nice little
clock that can be shown anywhere in your house and it’s a nice addition to any collection,
this one in particular is in pretty nice shape you wind your chime on the left side and you
hour on the right side. In the back it’s typical of these clock you can see there’s a little
piece of medal that holds this wooden back here and I’ll show you on the inside how this
clock some of the works of the clock. Let me see if I can get it out here push this
up a little slide out the wood in the back and you can see all the works, the inner workings
the brass workings on this clock. So this is a nice example of a bee hive clock from
the late 19th century in working condition.

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