Antiques: Collecting 19th Century Clocks : How to Collect Antique English Grandfather Clocks

Here’s another nice example of a 19th century
early 19th century English grandfathers clock it does need a little bit of work and you’ll
find that when you get into this age you can find them in a various conditions. This one
hasn’t been touched yet and at some point I plan on having reconditioned but right now
I just wanted to show you a nice example of an early English grandfathers clock. This
grandfather clock in particular happens to have brass work the dial I have taken the
top off so the dial isn’t in quit evenly, just because of the way I set the clock back
in, I need to readjust it. So that’s something to think about when you go holding the face
off of this off of your grandfathers clock, usually the bonnet tops will roll right out
in front but you need to have somebody here to help stabilize it. This is average about
7 feet tall not unusual for grandfather clocks but this era this is all done in oak, English
oak and you can see on the front, I can open up just to give you an idea of. This is a
medal face, signed this was owned by Griffan Owen at some point and I can’t quit make it
out what this is. A family that or maker that made this clock with great flower decorations
painted, you can see there’s a little bit of ware going on here but that’s not unusual
and it doesn’t take away, great flower design in each corner with a second hand here. And
the clock is like I said is brass work which was popular in the early and mid 1800’s so
this is the inside of the clock, and if you look in the center you have a little inlayed
key hole here and you have a shorter opening that we saw earlier and these are where you
would suspend your weights. These weights weigh at least 10 pounds or more and you have
2 of these weights that work the pendulum, one for your clock to run the hour and the
other for your chime so they’re heavy heavy weights. So these belong on the inside and
I haven’t set them in and the rest is just the base of the clock is very typical of English
works, so this is an example of a nice 19th century English grandfather clock.

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  1. I have a 1907 seth thomas 298b clock (seth thomas clock company. thomas. conn. u.s.a)

    Can someone help me out. I try to find out how much is it pleace help

  2. It seems anyone can be an "expert" in this village.   Undoubtedly, the name is the maker and the word below it is the place it was made!

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